Attempted aggression after a game of Benjamin in El Doctoral - La Provincia

The match between the San Pedro Martín and El Calero, from group 2 of the category preferential baby, ended with a serious incident when trying a viewer assault the referee Manuel Padrón, besides uttering insults and threats, as you can see in a video captured from the stands of the El Doctoral football field.

According to the version of San Pedro Martír, two fans of El Calero spent most of the game insulting and raising the referee. At the end of the game and after many insults, one of the parents of the local team told one of them to relax, that the field was full of minors and he faced him, although nothing happened. Then when he came down from the stands and saw that the referee looked again to see what was going on, threatened and insulted him, he went to the referee with the intention of assaulting him without taking place since the delegate of El Calero, Cristo José Ruiz, retained and removed from the changing room area, as can be seen in the images.

In El Calero deep regret for what happened, because the shirtless spectator and father of a player who tried to attack the referee is well known and is prohibited from entering the municipal field of El Calero for his behavior, according to his sports director. The Teldense club has apologized for what happened and after identifying the aggressor will file a complaint with the Commissioner to feel very damaged and this Monday will appear in the Las Palmas Football Federation to talk about the incident at the sports facilities of San Pedro Mártir.

The colleague Manuel Padrón González also recounted in detail what happened in a record that the newspaper Marca had access to: "Once the meeting was over, and while I was on the pitch, several fans of the visiting club:" You are a son I’m going to kill you of the big whore, subnormal of shit, come here, you fucking shit who killed you. "

"There is an altercation between fans of both clubs that include those parents named above. Next, I notice that one of the fans of the visiting club jumps the perimeter fence that separates the playing field from the spectator area, and He comes running towards me with his fist raised and standing a few inches away from me, being separated by the team delegate from his respective club. "

Later the public force appeared and the referee left the premises.


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