Atlético's party in training after winning Liverpool ... which they have erased from social networks

Atlético beat Liverpool and was happy: “It's not the best night because it doesn't give you a title, but it's exciting. There are nights that are not forgotten and today is one of them. The best team in the world comes, a lot of matches winning and you can beat him. You did not pass, but you could beat him, because we have options for one match, ”said Simeone at a press conference. But it was a happy morning, as the rojiblancos showed in training today, while they warmed up on the bike and sang like fans. He uploaded it to the Vrsaljko network, but then removed it

They don't want the rojiblancos to show too much joy because there is so much left. But Liverpool was exciting.

"We started winning the game when at the roundabout we turned with the bus and met a lot of people excited, excited, ambitious and fearless," said the coach, who highlighted the support of the fans during the duel: "In the eight years I am, rarely was at this level because it was the whole game. It was really exciting. You really want to play, honestly, ”said the Cholo.

A Simeone, who said that his team had options to score "another goal", the word that comes "naturally" after the game is "tranquility": "Know that when you work as a team and block, you can. Of course you can. The team responded with great effort. The idea was to win and after winning there are situations that the team understands as the game allows them. "

Simeone opted for Thomas Lemar as headline: "Of course there was a match that was not expected, which was to put Lemar. And I did expect it, because I still believe in him. In the first half it was fine. He had a contracture and he had to leave (at rest). We need to recover because he is a different player. "

He also highlighted the meeting of Renan Lodi, who was elected the man of the party: "Didn't I take it out today? He broke it. We are in a moment of absolute demand for him, because I know he can give what he gave and to give it he has to get angry, he has to go through moments he has been through and hopefully he has the ability to sustain it. To win every day, he has to play like today, because he can do it. some time I hate myself, it will end up loving me. "

And he spoke of more names, asked by Saul: "I can talk about a lot (of players). About Felipe's game, Vrsaljko ... And about Saul I have already spoken a thousand times about him. There are times that I put him on the side left generating difficulties in his game, because I understand that he is capable of everything if he wants. And he has that nose with the goal of important goals. It is a gift. I hope he can sustain it because they have few. "

"And the return of Costa immediately noticed the team," added Simeone, who does not think beyond the game next Sunday against Villarreal: "What will happen when we have to travel to England? A lot is missing. We have many games ahead of us and now what we are dealing with is the League.


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