March 6, 2021

Atlético shatters Madrid | sports

Surely, because it is a derby, the breadth of the result will obviate in the heart of Atlético the fact that some complications are expected from the preseason games, due to the fact that the operation of the team is greased before the official season starts. You learn more when things go wrong, so Madrid graduated cum laude in everything that a team should never do if they don't want to leave with the torn shirt and the red face.

Real Madrid




Real Madrid

Courtois (Keylor Navas, min. 45), Álvaro Odriozola (Carvajal, min. 45), Marcelo (Bale, min. 61), Sergio Ramos (Javi Hernández, min. 61), Nacho, Modric (Takefusa Kubo, min. 61 ), Kroos, Isco (Rodrygo, min. 61), Jovic (Benzema, min. 29), Vinicius Junior (Lucas Vázquez, min. 45) and Hazard (De la Fuente, min. 61).


Oblak, Renan Augusto (Manu Sánch, min. 65), Savic (Felipe Monteiro, min. 65), Mario Hermoso (Francisco Montero, min. 65), Trippier (Carlos Isaac, min. 65), Joao Félix (Vitolo, min .65), Saúl (Héctor Herrera, min. 65), Koke (Marcos Llorente, min. 65), Lemar (Juan Manuel Sanabria, min. 65), Morata (Correa, min. 12), Diego Costa and Correa (Correa , min. 12) (Sergio Camello, min. 65).

0-1 min. 0: Diego Costa. 0-2 min. 7: Joao Felix. 0-3 min 18: Strap. 0-4 min 27: Diego Costa. 0-5 min. 44: Diego Costa (p). 0-6 min. 50: Diego Costa. 1-6 min. 58: Nacho. 1-7 min. 69: Vitolo. 2-7 min. 84: Benzema (p). 3-7 min. 88: Javi Hernández.

Nacho (min. 87),
Isco (min. 30) and
Saul (min. 64).

Diego Costa (min. 64) and
Carvajal (min. 64) and

Actually, what the fans who traveled to MetLife Stadium in New York saw was not even a game, but rather a training with boxing combat dyes, in which Madrid behaved like a young, lost boxer , devoid of passion, apathetic and mediocre, who took away as a souvenir car of goals from a rival who gave him a remarkable review in all facets. And the worst part is that the result did not accurately reflect what the game was, but fell short when considering the nonsense of the team of Zinedine Zidane, who continues to present credentials that do not take away the ghosts of last season , but far from staying in the United States they will travel with their checked baggage to Madrid with better color than ever.

Of the seven goals that Atlético endorsed four led the signature of Diego Costa, a player who does not understand what this concept of friendly, and that if I had ten more occasions I would have sneaked one after another because there is no bolus that can aggravate the pleasure of crushing your enemy. The desire to burreo They reached such a point that the Spanish-Brazilian grabbed Carvajal's neck with half an hour left and they both ended up confirming what everyone knew: that the derbies always leave with a gun. Atletico lived installed in the superiority from the first minute of the meeting because he did not need more time to release his first command. Between João Félix and Costa they generated the first goal chance and the first goal of Atlético striker with a crossed shot. Morata was his partner at the tip of the attack, although the excanterano of Madrid had to retire after twelve minutes injured.

Zidane: "For us it has been a friendly and not for Atlético"

The face of few friends with whom Zinedine Zidane appeared at the press conference after the match was consistent with what happened on the field. Logically, he didn't like anything he saw from the bench, although, in his own way, he tried to remove iron. "We entered the game very badly, and it is true that after eight minutes we were with 0-2. We have missed everything, but intensity above all," Zizou analyzed.

"They scored seven goals and it is something that cannot happen even if it is a friendly one. The players know it, they are disappointed, but there is no need to turn it over. It is a preseason game, they have been better in everything, and that's it. There is nothing more to talk about, "he continued.

"We have to be prepared for August 17, when we play the first League game. We will be motivated. Our season is going to be good. Today we cannot be happy. I have a team that will compete very well and now is, now we have to go back and rest a little. We have motivation and hunger to move this forward. For us it has been a friendly and not for Atlético, "said the Madrid coach.

Before that happened, he gave him time to celebrate his team's second goal, the work of João Félix after Saul's recovery over Vinicius. The Brazilian has not yet internalized how productive a bicycle can be in attack as a cover in defense. Even so, he was the only rebel who tried to stand up to Atlético, although he was unable to generate any fire no matter how much he takes the ball every time it seems that he has matches in his boots. The kid was the only footballer in Madrid who seemed to bother what was happening. In the miscellaneous of fixed, variable and new that Zidane presented as a starting line-up, no one grabbed the rudder of a ship that continued to sink without remedy or pride.

Atlético moved the game to that school playground where the elderly dizzy the little ones until they get bored and leave. If he could have left the field, Madrid would have done it. He did figuratively, yes, harassed as he was by an immense Athletic, who at no time looked like a team under reconstruction. Nothing happened because yes. The goals of Atlético, all, were a direct consequence of the success of their players. Saul and Koke were a permanent source of recovery by placement, claw and enthusiasm. That none of his rivals were willing to make it difficult does not detract from his performance, but minimizes even more that of a Madrid that crawled as teams do when they lose their soul, fleeing the ball. To make matters worse, to the injuries of Marco Asensio and Mendy (which he has for a month), Jovic's, who continues gagado and without minutes throughout the preseason, joined.

The sequence of goals continued to fall, and the goals of Correa and Vitolo were added to Diego Costa's poker and the premiere of João Felix, the latter already in the second half, when even after the carousel of changes (after the tangana) and the entry of youth players and meritorious, Atlético was able to reach ten goals. Nacho, bouncing; Benzema, of penalty; and Javier Fernández after a rejection cut the difference on the scoreboard for Madrid, but not the story of the match. A devastating story for whites and stimulating for Atlético, that neither of them, no matter how much it was produced in preseason, will easily forget.

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