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Atlético-Sevilla and Rayo-Barça, the highlights of the second day

The second round of the 2019-20 Iberdrola League is played on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September.

Saturday, 14. 13:00 h. // TV: Come on Movistar Plus

UDG Tenerife – EDF Logroño

The people of Tenerife have the mission of demonstrating that what happened last weekend in Seville was an accident. Much more is expected of the team led by David Amaral and who fell with a crash in front of an ascending Sevilla. The coach of the Canary Islands said that "the game is of paramount importance after what happened in Seville. We will try to get the first three points of the season against a team that has started very well. We need the fans to come to support us this Saturday. ”

The EDF Logroño players, meanwhile, arrive with morale through the clouds. His memories of the first day can not be better, since they bent by a forceful 4-1 to the historic Rayo Vallecano.

Saturday, 14. 16:00 h. // TV: Gol TV

Real Betis Féminas – Deportivo Abanca

Betis players have conspired to get the first 3 points in the Luis del Sol Sports City, after a goal in the discount left them without scoring their visit to Madrid on the first day. Coach Antonio Contreras will not be able to count on Willy because of an injury. The local coach knows that one of the problems of the team in his debut was the lack of aim and recalled that "it is necessary to mark and believe it." As for the rival, the newly promoted Deportivo Abanca, Contreras said that “they come with enthusiasm and tranquility”, after their magnificent start in the Iberdrola League.

Indeed, the moods of the Coruña are very high. The 3-1 against Espanyol was unexpected, given that it was Galician's first game in the top category. Bigoleadora Alba Merino will be one of the most watched players by the local defense.

Saturday, 14. 18:00 h. // TV: Real Madrid TV

CD Heel – Sporting Huelva

The CD Heel will play its first game in the Sports City of Real Madrid with the urgent need to demonstrate that the level of the team is much higher than the one shown in the debut against FC Barcelona. The premises will face Antonio Toledo's Sporting Huelva, which was about to add a point against Atlético de Madrid. The mattresses could only score one goal and suffered literally until the last play.

On today's game, Toledo said that "the heel has to be done" and stressed that the Madrid entity "has made great signings."

Sunday, 15. 12:00 h.

Athletic – CFF Madrid

Athletic debuts in Lezama this Sunday with the mission of adding the three points and turning the page of what happened before Levante last week. Coach Ángel Villacampa clings to the performance of his players during the first 45 minutes as the best argument to face the match on Sunday. Nekane Díez, who retired in the first stages of the previous game after receiving a blow, has a muscle injury and is ruled out to play against Madrid CFF.

The locals, who face their third season in the elite, arrive in Bilbao with the good taste of their debut against Betis. A goal in minute 94 served to start the championship in the best possible way.

Sunday, 15. 12:00 h. // TV: Barça TV (Deferred 17:00 h.)

Rayo Vallecano – FC Barcelona

Rayo Vallecano looks forward to his duel this Sunday against FC Barcelona. The board of the Vallecano team has decided that the game will be played at the Estadio de Vallecas to take advantage of the visitor's pull. Although aware of their limited possibilities against Barça, the vallecanas must find in the strength of the rival sufficient motivation to transmit a good image to their fans. In the club still stings the bulky defeat suffered last Sunday in Logroño (4-1).

Sunday, 15. 13:00 h.

Atlético de Madrid – Sevilla CF

After the unbeatable start of Sevilla, this match has become, a priori, the most attractive of the day. The difference in quality between both templates is indisputable, but at this point in the season surprises are common. If we add to that the good moment of the Hispanics and that the locals disputed debuted on Thursday in the Champions League, it is very possible that the fairs are somewhat more even. However, nobody doubts that the premises are clear favorites.

Sevilla's international CF Olga Carmona said that "Atlético is the current champion, they have a very high budget, but you have to go out for all, press and bite without being afraid of anything." Carmona recalled that to achieve something positive in this field you have to "compete, work and follow the line and style set by our coach."

Valencia players celebrate the second goal scored by Real Sociedad during the Primera Iberdrola league championship match

Valencia players celebrate the second goal scored by Real Sociedad during the Primera Iberdrola league championship match

Sunday, 15. 13:00 h. / TV: Come on Movistar Plus

Espanyol – Valencia

Espanyol faces the commitment this Sunday against Valencia with the intention of correcting the mistakes made last week against Deportivo Abanca. The players who train Salvador Jaspe will face each other with a Valencia that tied in the first day against Real Sociedad thanks to a magnificent reaction in the second half. Irene Ferreras were able to stay in the game even though the cup champions went to rest with a 0-2. Two goals from Mari Paz served for the Valencians to retain a point and end the game with a positive feeling.

Looking ahead to Espanyol, Irene Ferreras, says that “we face a rival with very clear ideas, but we feel strong. The second part against Real Sociedad gave us samples of what this team can do. We are looking forward to Sunday, to give continuity to those feelings and add the first three points of the season. ”

Sunday, 15. 18:30 h. / TV: Come on Movistar Plus

Real Sociedad – Levante

The Royal Society of Gonzalo Arconada does not want to fall into the same mistakes that led the team to let the victory escape against Valencia. The rival will be Levante, the other Valencian team of the Iberdrola League, which added all three points against Athletic in its debut in the competition. The local player Nuria Mendoza stressed that "Levante has been reinforced very well and will be a complicated opponent." The player from San Sebastian stressed that "we can't miss games like Valencia if we want to be up." Sunday is a good opportunity to start calibrating the real possibilities of Real Sociedad this season.

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