May 14, 2021

Atlético repeats mistakes against Valencia (2-2)

Atlético gives recovery symptoms. He has risen and walks, but it is hard for him to start running. Recover things, but lacks the constancy That has always been his brand. Few teams as heavy as rojiblanco in recent years, which suffocated the rivals with a very advanced pressure that made it difficult for them to breathe.

That pressure appears at times, especially in the first minutes of the encounter. It happened against Granada and was repeated against Valencia. The presence of Marcos Llorente on the grass helps that the stress that Atlético submits on the contrary gives results. Simeone likes it more as a stopper so that the opponent cannot play comfortably than as the start of the rojiblanco game.

Llorente It is a physical wonder and comes to press up with desire and strength. It is intense and persevering and never loses sight of the play. That was what allowed him follow the play to find the Correa pass in the small area and finish off 0-1 for the Simeone team.

The Argentine is another cause of that improvement that Atlético appears. It is available for everything that the Cholo proposes and since the beginning of the year it has become the most reliable forward for Atlético. In the auction or in the pass. And against Valencia it was his turn to look at his partner.

Partly satisfied with what he saw against Granada, fundamentally the result, and partly out of necessity, Simeone repeated with Vitolo as Correa’s partner. What Atlético loses in auction with them as more advanced players wins it in mobility and in surprise capacity. They are more unpredictable to the contrary than most of their peers.

But the Cholo trust more in the constancy of their midfielders. He repeated with the four mediocentros that he used against Granada, a structure that he used to use in large parties and that has now become his necessary safety net even to walk around the house.

The Atlético suffers from vertigo, which also finds yields in the use of its midfielders. The insistence of Thomas, who stole a ball in the center of the field, was the origin of the second goal. That and a blunt shot from the edge of the area, usual in the Ghanaian player.

Was the reply Atletico’s immediate to the draw of Valencia, which had come in a shot by Gabriel Paulista in the small area. Valencia gave two touches in the area to score after a corner. It was his that he was not willing to give up the game.

But I needed another sign. And that came in both Kondogbia A shot in a foul kick by Parejo that punished – again – Atlético where he used to be the strongest, in the stopped ball. But that seems a thing of the past.

Valencia’s draw helped him to go upstairs, to corner Atlético in his area. The same thing that had happened to Granada. Atlético seems doomed to repeat their matches as if they were living Groundhog Day. At least, Cholo was encouraged to gather attack players in the second half. And the presence of Morata and Carrasco allows him to stretch. Even if it only serves to keep the faith that recovery is possible.


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