April 11, 2021

Atlético – Real Madrid: Solari, Isco: "The job of the soccer player is to train 100%" | sports

Atlético - Real Madrid: Solari, Isco: "The job of the soccer player is to train 100%" | sports

When the case Isco seemed to have normalized in Chamartín, a tweet from the player from Malaga on Thursday afternoon reignited the controversy. The boy, alternate again in the Cup classic played at the Camp Nou, where he did not play for a minute, answered a few words of former Real Madrid player, Ruben de la Red, about his situation. The canterano said that the white club does not wait does not wait for anyone and the midfielder alleged that he did not enjoy the same opportunities as the rest of his classmates. This Friday, a few hours away from visiting Atlético at Wanda, Isco left the training complaining of discomfort in the back and Solari, always restrained in his speech, sent a message to his pupil.

Of the 15 questions that allowed the communication department of the club, six revolved around the complaint made by Isco. The Argentine has never been forceful in his answers about the situation of the Malaga, but in his position. Isco is, at least, a substitute in his Madrid. Referent for Julen Lopetegui, he is the 21st player in minutes with Solari: 189 in LaLiga, 515 in total; with the Basque played 664 and last year the counter shot up to 1,780 in the domestic tournament and 2,957 in the global. Therefore, the player believes that he is not being fair to him.

The trainer, on the contrary, let intuit that his work is not adequate. "Do you think Isco does not enjoy the same opportunities as his colleagues?" They asked Solari. The answer was not direct, but revealing: "The professional footballer's job is to train one hundred percent to be at the service of the team, the team is very good, each of the players is working with a good predisposition to be the team is the protagonist in each game, "said the Argentine, who did not clarify whether Isco is doing his job.

His reply triggered another question: "Does it bother you that Isco sent that message that does not go in the direction of the team being the protagonist?" Solari, visibly annoyed, only issued a word, enough to show some anger. "Good…". The questions continued and Solari, with a more serious face than usual, simply repeated his message. They questioned him if Isco was right in his complaint, if his staff all enjoy the same opportunities and if he is disturbed that there is a player in the dressing room who thinks more of himself than in the team.

"Soccer is to work and put the talent at the service of the team, to train one hundred percent in each training and give everything, that's the work to be available for when it plays, all the players are thinking about the team and involved at this moment This is what is perceived in the training sessions and matches, "he snapped.

The presence of Isco in the derby is practically ruled out. The midfielder, 26, left the training because of discomfort in the back. The reality is that being in top condition did not guarantee a gap in the list of summoned. Vinicius Júnior, Lucas Vázquez, Bale and Asensio are ahead of him in the rotation and Solari had to choose between the Malaga or Mariano tip to complete the bench.

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