April 20, 2021

Atlético – Real Madrid: Revenge of Ramos | sports

Atlético - Real Madrid: Revenge of Ramos | sports

Hernández, Morata, Giménez, Arias and Thomas covered him when they were dismissed by the effect of the upward clash. The head of Sergio Ramos emerged from the whirlwind of bodies to comb the ball that Kroos sent him from the corner as if he knew that it did not matter what happened in the area because the center would reach its goal. Bingo. Ramos extended the ball and Casemiro-cleared the road-finished at ease.

Yes the 0-1 of Saturday's derby He carried the captain's mark, the 1-2 penalty was the apotheosis. He added his 11th goal this season, a figure that places him in the best goalscorers of his career, and he did the day he played his league match 414 as Real Madrid. The level reached by José Antonio Camacho, idol of his father's youth and personal reference of the captaincy.

In the celebration, of esoteric character, making a foreshortening in equilibrium on a foot, without paying attention to fans or companions, it was claimed representing the mental isolation of which it shows to leave graceful of the pressure to which it lives subjected. As if the ritual implicitly implied the sentence he uttered on October 6, 2016, after committing a penalty in an Italy-Spain that coincided with a wave of criticism against him in the sports programs of reality television. "Let them now take advantage of those who want to split me because in the end they will be silent as always," he said.

There are players who, regardless of their circumstance, thrive or shut down in Madrid under a silence bell. If they leave, they will do so with the same discretion that they arrived and no one will give them a standing ovation or a whistle. Toni Kroos is the paradigm of this species. In the antipodes is the group that is permanently subject to summary judgments in boxes, stands and sets. They are heroes, like Marcelo, or even idols, like Casillas. People who live a day. Aware that any trip can cost them a dislike, if not the progressive marginalization. The paradigm of this figure today is embodied by Sergio Ramos, a player who has consolidated the vibrant recovery of Madrid after the depression in which he fell in the first third of the season.

Call to advice suddenly by the club on the eve of the signing of Lopetegui, Ramos was later charged with the failure of the coach. As if the idea of ​​hiring Lopetegui had been his, first, and as if under his influence the Basque coach had made pernicious decisions in terms of travel, meetings or calls. For weeks, Ramos lived marked by leaders, journalists and fans who considered him responsible for the crisis. From 3-0 in Seville.

"Brave in everything"

Nobody remembers that, had it not been for the intervention of Ramos at the end of 5-1 of the classic on October 28, Antonio Conte would have gathered all the ballots to train Madrid before Christmas. The Italian recognized two weeks ago in The Gazzetta dello Sport that Madrid tried to sign him. If the negotiation did not follow the expected course was because after 5-1, asked about the imminent arrival of Conte as an extreme resource of hard hand, the central raised a firewall about the convenience of authoritarian leaders in the locker room: "Everyone knows the type of coach with which we have achieved important titles in this club. Respect here is won, it is not imposed. "

Iván Helguera had conquered two Leagues and two Champions when in 2005 Ramos arrived at Madrid. Now the veteran confesses admired before his successor: "There is no one like Sergio in world football. It is a beast physically, it is coordinated, and it has an abnormal courage. Since he arrived he was seen. He has so little fear that he seems one of The Avengers de Marvel: 'What you make me, I do not care'. In my life I have seen someone so brave in everything. At the time of playing the ball, when it comes to wanting the ball … He believes so much in what he does not care about failing ".

At 32, Ramos has once again overcome the crack without ever leaving the ring. If he shines, Madrid is scary.

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