Atlético draw a draw against Lokomotiv in a match in which they deserved more

The Atlético de Madrid did not happen this Tuesday of draw against Lokomotiv Moscow (1-1) in a match in which the colchonero team enjoyed enough chances to score, especially in the second half, which was a real siege.

Giménez scored first, but the Russians tied shortly after from the penalty spot after an unnecessary hand from Herrera and reviewed by the referee with the VAR. Diego Pablo Simeone’s team improved a lot with the entrance of Koke after the break.

The athletic star, Joao Félix, assumed the leadership in the second part, but the local goalkeeper saved his team with several saves of great merit. He broke the athletic series of four wins in a row in the Russian capital.

The one who did not measure up was Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan tried without much success and prolonged his bad streak unmarked in the opposite half in the Champions League.

The main novelty in the mattress team was the return to the starting eleven after five games of absence for injury to Saúl, who replaced the captain, Koke.

Suárez returned to the top of the attack after a rest match and was accompanied by Joao Félix, who already he had been the best of his team a year ago in this same stadium.

The Russians repeated the same eleven that put Bayern Munich on the ropes a week ago with Smolov, who played last season for several months on loan at Celta, and Zé Luís, recently signed from Porto, as more advanced players.

Atlético took the initiative from the opening whistle. The Russians were comfortable playing counterattack.

The only dangerous approach in the first minutes was played by Joao Félix, who could not take advantage of a good center from Lodi’s left in the heart of the area. It was the only mistake of the Russians, that both bands closed very well.

The next few minutes were dizzying. First, Saúl tried from outside the area and Guilherme cleared it with his fingertips for a corner.

Giménez dispelled initial doubts with a goal from a center forward. He decided to stay in the vicinity of the area after a corner, the Mexican Herrera saw him at the near post and He put a measured center on him that he finished off making the local goalkeeper’s stretch impossible. (min.18)

It was a mirage, since, shortly after, Herrera committed a penalty by touching the ball with his right arm a center from the right in an action in which the ball hit him in that rebound area. The referee appealed to the VAR, went to the band to review the play and pointed out the eleven meters, but not without first warning Luis Suárez. Miranchuk cheated on Oblak and started again (1-1). (min.25)

The visiting forward barely came into play. Correa was the only one who managed to disturb Guilherme within half an hour with a shot to the crossbar after a good pass from Suárez.

Trippier threw several good crosses from the right, but the Uruguayan only managed to finish one of them in the 40th minute. His half-volley shot went high.

The party was open. The bad news for Simeone is that Russians were beginning to believe that they could get something positive.

After the break, the Argentine coach returned to its initial scheme with Koke Resurrection in the middle.

Joao Félix woke up with several cuts on the edge of the area and a center-kick that Suárez failed to finish off comfortably at the far post. The Atlético star was going for the game.

The Portuguese star had the second goal in his boots in the 58th minute. He received the ball from Lodi, armed his leg and took a magnificent shot out of the hat that he demanded that Guilherme stop for the night.

The siege had begun. The local goalkeeper saved his team again by clearing a header from the Portuguese for a corner. Then an omnipresent Koke also headed the crosshead.

Halfway through the second half, it seemed that the Spanish had run out of gas. For more inri, Revulsive player Vitolo was injured shortly after jumping onto the field.

In fact, in one of the few Russian counterattacks of the second part, Zé Luís endured Giménez’s tarascadas and he was about to surprise Oblak.

The rest of the game was an exercise in visiting impotence. Simeone’s pupils tried it with a play and a set piece. Unlucky.

Suárez was about to consummate the heroic in the discount after a good pass from Felix, but once again Guilherme went ahead. The Uruguayan lacked speed, as during the whole night.

Data sheet:

1 – Lokomotiv Moscow: Guilherme; Rybus, Murilo, Rajkovic, Zhivogliádov; Kúlikov, Ignátyev, Krychowiak, Miranchuk (Rybchinski, min.90); Smolov (Zhemaletdínov, min.74) and Zé Luís.

1 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Lodi; Herrera, Saúl (Koke, min.46), Llorente (Vitolo, min.69; Torreira, min.78), Correa (Lemar, min.69); Joao Félix and Luis Suárez.

Goals: 0-1, min. 18: Giménez. 1-1, min.25: Miranchuk (penalty)

Referee: Benoit Bastien (FRA). He admonished Luis Suárez, Herrera, Murilo, Saúl, Lodi, Krychowiak, Rajkovic, Zhemaletdínov and Ignátyev.

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of the Champions League played at the Lokomotiv stadium before just over 8,000 spectators.


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