September 19, 2020

Atlético defeats Barcelona and gets into the final of the Copa de la Reina | sports

Atlético defeats Barcelona and gets into the final of the Copa de la Reina | sports

A man dressed in an Atletico scarf asks a driver at the Moncloa bus station in Madrid: "Excuse me, is this the one that takes me to Cerro del Espino? I go very occasionally and I've already been forgotten which one to take ". "But how, what does B play today?" They respond from the cockpit. The fan explains: "No, the girls play the Copa de la Reina against Barcelona, ​​it's a game, it's going to be exciting".

It was not a normal day at Cerro del Espino, where the Athletic defeated the Barcelona 2-0 to get into the final of the Copa de la Reina. A large group of fans crowded at the entrance of the facilities and one hour before the start of the game. With a quarter of an hour gone by, most of the 3,500 seats on the site were already occupied, which were sold out since Thursday afternoon. It will never be known how many attendees would have come from playing the game in the Metropolitan Wanda, as many fans claimed from the stands.

It is known that the Cup has brought to the women's football the emotion of the title at stake, a sensation forgotten in an Iberdrola League. The primera feminine division has been reduced to a duopoly that does not even reach that: the six points of advantage of Atletico seem definitive when in what is of the league the mattresses have only lost points against the second, Barcelona. The cup format, with pure draw and a single match, has allowed a semifinal between the two giants that opens the door for a third party, Real Sociedad or Sevilla, to dream of raising a trophy. The feat, of course, would be equivalent to an NBA team losing to a European team, such is the distance between the two best teams and the rest.

From the beginning they showed why both teams are up. In an intense start the Catalans tried, without success, to impose themselves through the touch, but the mattresses, carried in the wings by the public, won the midfield for intensity during the first bars of the game. The danger came through Ludmila, a forward who lives for the goal and tends to ignore everything else. It was going to be his tomorrow. Every time that Atlético looked for the Brazilian long, a scream resounded in the stands: "Run!". And in one of those the first clear occasion of the match arrived. In her third consecutive absence, Ludmila was left alone in front of Sandra Cloths. The front, very heeled, chose to cut inward. In the rebound, the ball was in feet of Sampedro, who did not hit the ball.

With the passing of the minutes, the arrivals of the Madrilenians were spaced and the Catalans were finding themselves, although without a tusk. Atlético found light whenever they looked at Hermoso and Sampedro. Precisely a lateral fault forced by the 10 rojiblanca preceded the 1-0. She hung it with silk glove Angela Sosa and a concatenation of auctions foundhow not Ludmila willing to push her almost to the empty door.

Second part

The second part, with the two teams playing everything in 45 minutes, gained strength. The Barcelona tried to recover marksmanship in a crossed shot, hard and dry Mertens that Lola Gallardo, very safe throughout the game, took a corner. But Atlético was not going to miss the final. Barcelona lost the ball in his field and Sampedro found Ludmila. When everyone bet on a shot from the front, Ludmila took Bella alone, who could finish at point-blank range. From the stands, when the game resumed, they still wondered how Paños had been able to divert that ball over the crossbar.

It was a warning. Again, shortly after, Ludmila received a ball in the big area with his back to the goal. He turned it into a 2-0 after turning and putting the toe. Goal of nine pure, what Barcelona lacked. And Lluis Cortes ended up burning all his ships to give entry to Oshoala and Duggan, very disheveled. Atletico beat, who avenged last year's defeat in the final with a Barcelona goal in the 120th minute of extra time.

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