April 16, 2021

Atlético de Madrid – Real Madrid: Sudden "discomfort" of Isco | sports

Atlético de Madrid - Real Madrid: Sudden "discomfort" of Isco | sports

Isco Alarcón alleged a sudden lumbar discomfort to abandon the last training of Madrid before going to the Metropolitan stadium. It happened during the training behind closed doors. Without witnesses from the press. No official part or medical testimony to verify it publicly. The club warned him through his communication department when all the signs indicated that there would no longer be a free space for the playmaker from Málaga between the seven seats on the bench. The first day of the league in which they fully recovered Asensio and Bale, and a day after Isco himself denounced on Twitter that he considered himself discriminated against by his coach, Santiago Solari.

Back pain saved Isco from the humiliation of being disqualified to enter the call and to Solari to take charge of a decision for which they would ask for public accounts.

Valdebebas expected inexorable measures. There was no need to resort to disciplinary conflict. The withdrawal of Isco by decision of Solari was imminent for easily argued sports reasons. Keylor, the substitute goalkeeper; Marcelo, the second captain; Nacho, the only reservation center; Odriozola, the only reserve right-back; Ceballos, the only alternative flyer; Mariano, the only substitute tip; Brahim, the last signing -presented in January with pomp of star by Florentino Pérez-, Bale and Asensio, all in the squad have acquired a statute more relevant than Isco. Posts to dispute the seven seats of the bench, the first dismissal was sung.

"He has retired from training with back discomfort; we'll see how it evolves this afternoon, "said the coach, asked about the boy.

Isco jumped on Friday to the driving range played by a black fisherman hat that was confused with his bushy beard and covered his features. Only the white teeth denounced his laughter during the round that served to warm up the muscles, before the morning training. The man was kidding. It is usual in the hilarious climate that presides over the ronditos. Nothing showed that something would fail on his back, just now that the team starts to take off and the decisive games of the season follow one another. As Solari said with a half smile: "The calendar gets hilarious."

Real Madrid makes a meticulous selection of journalists to whom it gives question time at press conferences. But even the club could not control the expectation that Isco unleashed with his tweet on Thursday, in response to a comment from Rubén de la Red saying that Madrid does not wait for anyone: "Totally agree with the Network, but when you do not enjoy from the same opportunities that your colleagues change things … I still keep working and fighting a lot while waiting for them! Go Madrid!".

"Train 100%"

When Solari went out to the conference room, a chorus of Inquisitors waiting for Isco and his circumstance awaited him. "Do you think Isco does not enjoy the same opportunities as his teammates? Can you as a coach do something for Isco? "They asked him. "The professional footballer's job is to train 100% to be at the service of the team," replied the coach. "Each of the players is working very well in each training to make the team the protagonist in each game, as we are doing."

"Do the 24 players have the same opportunities to play each game?" Asked another editor. "Football is about working and putting talent at the service of the team," explained Solari. "Train 100% in each training to be available when you play. That is the job of the professional soccer player ", the technician closed.

Isco will turn 27 in April. His colleagues say that he has spent at least two years making each training an exhibition of freestyle. An authentic delight of highlight television that was indifferent to Zidane and delighted Lopetegui.

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