March 8, 2021

Atlético de Madrid: João Félix: "I do not pay attention to the issue of quantities" | sports

This Monday was not any presentation for Atlético de Madrid. Therefore, a João Félix, the most expensive signing in the history of the rojiblancosHe was accompanied by historical club like Adelardo or his compatriot Paulo Futre. Even the CEO of the club, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, unusual in this type of events, was present to accompany the player in his debut as a mattress. A deployment up to the 126 million that the club has paid for its acquisition, something that the boy does not seem not to disturb him in excess. "They are market issues and I do not know anything about that, I do not pay much attention to the issue of amounts, I just play and do my job to help the club I'm in," the new Atletico player was unmarked.

Just a few hours after training for the first time under the command of Diego Pablo Simeone, the Portuguese faced his first appearance before the media as an Atletico player. Brief and direct, he dispatched the questions in just over ten minutes and was grateful for the opportunity. "ANDI'm here to make history in this club, "he said before returning to the pre-season concentration that the rojiblancos have just started in the Angels of San Rafael.

With the 7 to the back, the former Benfica is called to take the place that predictably Griezmann will leave on the front of Atletico attack. Asked about it, João Félix did not hesitate to ensure that the expectations at the time of becoming the French substitute will not affect him. "I disconnect from the pressure. Sometimes we hear good and bad things. I just do my job and do my best to help the team, "he simply responded to the constant questions about his price and the place he comes to occupy.

Dress informally, with white shirt and gray pants, the Portuguese attacker He had no problem recognizing that, before confirming his signing for Atlético, he had chatted with Cristiano Ronaldo about the possibility of going to Madrid: "He is a great player, currently he is the best in the world and perhaps always. In the selection he talked to me about Madrid, he liked the city very much. But I'm here to make my story and be remembered as João Félix. Cristiano is a Christian and I am João Félix"

He also wanted to remember Benfica, where last season was the key to winning the 37th Liga title. The Eagles: "It was a difficult farewell, I will always take you in my heart, it is not easy to leave Portugal, but everyone has wished me a lot of luck and will be part of my hobby and I of yours, "he said before admitting that he would like to cross his old team in the Champions: "I wish we faced each other, as long as we both passed. I would like to receive the affection of the people and get back together with my colleagues there, who always behaved very well with me ".

"It will withstand the pressure of the Metropolitan"

"There are people with innate virtues that highlight their talent in their first stage of life, sculptors, painters … and soccer players, to become geniuses and legends. The word that best defines João He is talented and we are very happy that he chose Atlético against many proposals from great teams, "said Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético.

Later, it was Paulo Futre who spoke. "I am very happy as athletic and Portuguese. He has everything, talent, character … He will stand the pressure of the Metropolitan and I think he is very prepared to go to war, "said Futre, who was" very happy "after learning that" the golden child, "as he called it, had chosen Atletico over "clubs like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus or Manchester City. "

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