August 3, 2021

Atlético de Madrid – Betis: Simeone, coach-fan | sports

Atlético de Madrid - Betis: Simeone, coach-fan | sports

For a couple of days, the paraphernalia of the moments before the home games at home presents a novelty. The scoreboards offer a summary of Simeone's words at the press conference the day before. His voice resounds messianic one hour before the start of the game. At that temporary distance from the beginning only a few hundred fans occupy their seats. Those responsible for communication explain that it is a matter of introducing content in a sponsored space and that there is no intention of converting the reproduction of the words of their coach into an evangelizing act for the parish. That his messages are not reproduced with the populated bleachers he takes for good the version of the club. This time the chosen message was easy. Simeone had repeated twice the day before that Betis growth had been due to his defensive improvement. That was one of the cuts that was reproduced. "Setién is a coach with a very clear idea and he transmits it. When better players have, the better it does. He is growing in footballers and his idea notes it, they play very well. But they grew defensively and, as a result, they go further, "reflected the Atletico coach. Minutes before, Setién had refuted Simeone: "We have improved defensively, but it has been as a consequence of having a better ball than last year. When you have 80 minutes the ball is hard for the opponent to score. " There is palpation between them. "I get along with Simeone, I have no problem with him." The truth is that the game ended, Simeone ran and enthusiastically ran the stairs of the locker room and did not say goodbye to his colleague.

More than words, during a match, Simeone makes the figure of coach-fan well. Before Betis was one of those days in which El Cholo directs both his players and the choreography of the stands. The same ordered that ambitious and advanced pressure that demanded of the fans more decibels. Or it reminded him, pointing to his wrist, that the match was not over and they had to keep pushing. By then, Correa had already marked, and ran ecstatically to embrace Germán Burgos. "I believe", slipped a Simeone that seemed to suppress his inner euphoria, "that coaches are important because we are the ones who know our players better, better than anyone who comes to the field. We started with Lemar because he can give us a game. But having Correa in the bank gave us a chance to revolt and play with spaces with the advanced game. That's why he came in for Kalinic, thinking about winning the game with a step forward. " "The games last 90 minutes," Simeone continued in his analysis, "I'm not keeping a stable system throughout the game. They were cool and comfortable in the first half. All the wear that was made in the first time generated us having better situations in the second. "

Simeone left a last message in which he slipped that now he has a squad capable of competing for everything: "The teams that fight above are stronger because of the quality replacements that come in. When you have players like Thomas, Correa, Arias … entering from the bench is an advantage. They just need to finish getting Arias and Gelson himself. "

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