September 20, 2020

Atlético de Madrid – Barcelona: Messi, Messi and Messi | sports

Messi made a difference. Just as many times, as if time did not pass, on the way to the gala in which he aspires to receive his sixth Golden Ball, 15 seasons after premiering his reign in Europe. At 32, the 10 is still decisive in resolving the litigation of two teams in full transition, even in Wanda. There are already 30 goals in 39 games of the captain against the Simeone team for the fate of Barcelona, ​​leader of LaLiga.

Although she constantly changes her shirt, and does not stop appealing to her origins and showing off her style, dressed in the senyera in Wanda, Barça needs Messi to be recognized because he is often a hybrid team, fought with the ball, repetitive in his concessions and to which God takes him and it helps to finish a play that is not of strategy if it does not average 10 He did not give three passes in a row in the first half hour of the match against the Athletic.

Saul's alignment as a left back put the focus on his mark on Messi. And yet, the game was played a long time on the opposite side occupied by Trippier and Junior. He attacked the rojiblanco and struggled the azulgrana, usually defeated, redeemed by his goalkeeper, Piqué or Lenglet. Most matches have the same script: many fouls, several cards, a succession of corner kicks, the occasional injury, more than one shot to the post, a couple of anthological interventions of Ter Stegen and the goal of Messi. Atlético seems to sometimes have more collective play than Barça. To the team of Simeone, nevertheless, it lacks goal, very pending of Morata. The rojiblanca sterility allowed the Barcelona recovery despite its lack of depth and precision, expectant with the accelerations of a captain that slows his aging, more selective than ever before Atlético.

Messi He is still capable of denying those who wonder if he has not lost a bit of rhythm and even finesse when he decides to watch the game; if it is not that he walks more than runs like his teammates and no longer scores the goals three by three; If he does not reach with his class to win Barça. To which it is activated, however, the team knows that it will be enough with its captain to reduce the toughest opponents of stripping such as Atlético. Rivals are no longer afraid of Barça but are afraid of Messi because he still eliminates rivals with his driving, gambetea like no striker and goals in Wanda.

The drama happens when others feel Messi. The Catalans do not find Griezmann because they look for Neymar. And the Frenchman does not haggle or shoot like Brazil's 10. Nor was Suarez sure. The difference is that the charrúa knows how to accompany his friend and propitiate his winning shot in a transcendent match to measure the ambition of the Barça and from 10. Messi made the meeting turn in favor of Barça and knew therefore that his resolution was going through a goal of his; any other result would have been a trigger for Messi himself. Barça !, Barça !, Barça! of Manolo Vázquez Montalbán should be replaced by Messi !, Messi !, Messi!

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