August 5, 2020

Atlético de Madrid – Barcelona: Messi is pure gold | sports

Another golden ball from Messi took out to Barça of the troubles of the Metropolitan, whipped by a constant downpour and the corsair staging the Athletic in the first half hour, only anchored by Ter Stegen. Then it was on Messi's shoulders when Barça managed to breathe, grow and give the final lace to a more bizarre than usual rival who did not hit when he had a millimeter of the canvas. Messi for everything in an exciting match, titanic for each other.

From the outset, Barca dropped a tromba. And not only because of the untimely night of Madrid. Atlético started like a convoy, with the jaw about to explode. The Simeone team in its version cholista more solid. Enough to portray a mummified opponent, unable to support the ball. Rakitic, relief of Busquets, Arthur and De Jong were ashes at every rush of a rojiblanco. Disfigured by the rojiblanco vigor they seemed what they are not: means rattles. And it is already known that Barça without the ball is a team in balls. This was almost half an hour, hung from the aerial game of Piqué and Lenglet and the scaffolding of the Colossus Ter Stegen. And Messi? Recessed, with no one to give it thread in the first section.






Oblak, Saúl, Felipe Monteiro, Mario Hermoso, Trippier, Thomas, Héctor Herrera (Renan Augusto, min. 86), Koke, Correa (Lemar, min. 72), João Félix (Vitolo, min. 65) and Morata.


Ter Stegen, Piqué (Umtiti, min. 82), Junior Firpo, Clement Lenglet, Sergi Roberto, Rakitic, Frenkie De Jong, Arthur Melo (Vidal, min. 72), Messi, Griezmann and Luis Suárez.

Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz

Felipe Monteiro (min. 72),
Thomas (min. 7),
Strap (min. 20),
Piqué (min. 31),
Junior Firpo (min. 17),
Clement Lenglet (min. 64),
Rakitic (min. 50) and
Vitolo (min. 68).

Stadium:Wanda Metropolitano

In the middle of the local frenzy, a jagged clearance of De Jong fell to Hermoso. His center diverted Junior to the right post of the visiting goal. Due to some prodigious phenomenon, the ball bounced and dodged the net. It was not the first incident with the Junior recruit in the middle, palmariamente abroncado by Messi.

In green berets mode, the mattresses were pressing and pressing Barça on the way out. He stole Koke, sheltered Herrera, overwhelmed Thomas, blocked João Felix, Morata, Correa … Until again Beautiful stepped on the ranch of Ter Stegen, miraculous in his clearance against the defense. Shortly after a header of Morata chopped on the soaked grass of the Metropolitan. The German goalkeeper's reaction perplexed the staff. To own and others.

It took almost half an hour for Barça to appear at the game. Valverde moved pieces and Arthur and De Jong changed sides. It worked. The Brazilian, already on the left, helped the warm Junior, who weighed nothing next to the invisible Griezmann, whose presence only realized the stands with its soundtrack every time the Frenchman approached a play. De Jong was a major nuisance to Saul, the unexpected left-handed side of Atlético. By the way, the Dutchman cleared the way to Messi. Bad matter for those of Simeone that took off the Rosario just when the deposit, logical, was no longer the beginning. As logical as that around Messi the Valverde group will balance the crash. With Griezmann out of the loop and Luis Suarez tangled, the 10 put Atlético on alert. A swipe from Herrera left Rakitic in front of Oblak, but the Croatian came with the hook and his shot was tame at the hands of the Slovenian.

With Messi as a cornet player everything was different. The meeting took volume on both sides. The vibrations felt in both directions, even if the local team was more categorical against Ter Stegen. And that Oblak was also helped by the crossbar after a header from Piqué that took flight when bouncing on the grass and spit out the stick.

There was also no truce past the intermediate. Under a constant downpour, they recovered their pulse. But with Barça more threatening and Atlético with less combustion. The ball was already distributed. And as a symptom of the Barça flood, Sergi Roberto already aired much more than Junior, still with a lot of scholarship ahead.

The party acquired an extraordinary march. No sign of that Atletico who so often feels the ball as an artifact. Direct and thriving, he never lost sight of Morata and João Félix. Nor did they have ties. In both areas there were crocodiles. Messi put Suarez and Griezmann in orbit, decisions against Oblak. And the Argentine himself tried his fortune against the red and white wall.

The party had a fang, a lot of fang. And the rain sharpened the tacos. People claimed a second yellow for Piqué, who crossed before Morata and withdrew his legs in time of the accident. Not so Vitolo, who shortly after stuck a lurch to the left knee of Piqué himself. There was peace and everyone accepted that the party required not to release him from the front. A brave encounter, from download to download, not suitable for altar boys.

The relay of João Félix, who did not like the Metropolitan, downgraded the Atlético Observatory, which Vitolo and Lemar did not improve. With Messi, Barça had the entire arsenal ready. Until Sergi Roberto, great all day, made his way with an uncheck. Leo threw the wall with Luis Suarez and sent the ball to a corner of Oblak's door. A goal a thousand times seen. A thousand times amazing goal for the Martian ease of the Barca captain to adjust his shots in the race to the goals of the goals. Messi, with the help of Ter Stegen, raised Barca in the bad times, and Messi condemned a brave Atlético who lacked a Messi.

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