Atlético de Madrid: Accounts to the limit | sports

Atlético de Madrid: Accounts to the limit | sports

"Lucas knows the affection we have for him and the footballer knows what it is and it is normal that a team like Bayern, apparently, wants to pay his clause [80 millones]. It is a very important club. Then there is the decision and the work that the club does with Lucas so that things continue as they are. " The work of Atlético de Madrid to which Diego Pablo Simeone refers so that the rojiblanca leadership can avoid the flight in January of the French central to Bayern it has one drawback: the ceiling of spending on the wage bill that the financial control of LaLiga imposes on the clubs. A figure output of subtracting total revenue-sale of players, prizes of competitions, advertising, sponsorships, television rights, taquilla, subscribers …- expenses that have nothing to do with the sports staff, including the coaching staff. The salary limit of most First and Second Division clubs is between 60% and 65% of their budgets. In the case of Atletico it borders 70%.

The formula shows that Atlético have a salary ceiling of 293 million euros for this course, which is already close to 403, which prevents him from raising the salary of any player until the next season. On Thursday, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín met at the offices of the Metropolitan Wanda with Lucas and the player's agent. From the club slip that they have done everything they could do, a counter-offer to which they expect the player to respond tomorrow at the latest. Some managers talk about positive feelings, but do not trust. Others advocate qualifying Lucas's attitude of blackmail and curbing the inflation that has been generated since the renovation of Griezmann, which receives 20 million net per year.

In the Atletico locker room there are players who see Lucas at Bayern for the eight million euros per season that have put him on the table, a figure that is difficult for the Atletico club to match, although it does come relatively close to it. from next June 30. "This season there can not be another euro for anyone," they say at Atlético.

Accounts at the limit

The salary limit imposed by LaLiga since 2013 has been the tool of financial control that, together with the increase in television revenues, has allowed Spanish clubs to begin a process of reorganization that has made them double in the last five years the amounts destined to pay to players and coaches. However, given the economic strength of the Premier League and the formula of club-state They represent Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain, it does not seem enough. "The economic control of LaLiga was necessary, what happens is that there are dynamics that can not be controlled and that occur because the clubs retain certain players and you do not have left for the rest," says Plácido Rodríguez, expert in sports economics . On Friday, Ernesto Valverde also showed that Barcelona's economic control has conditioned its operation to hire a power station in this winter market. I could not acquire a player in property. "We took into account the premises of the club. It had to be yielded. If we had 100 million for a super crack there would have been another situation; it happened like that because of the circumstances, "explained the technician.

Inflation of the Premier

According to a report from UEFA last January, Barcelona is the club that spends the most in salaries, followed by Manchester United and Real Madrid. The two Spanish giants, PSG, Bayern and Juve are the five representatives of a ranking in which five Premier clubs appear among the top 10. According to the limit set by LaLiga, Barça has a salary cap of 632.97 million, for 566.53 of Madrid and 293 of Atlético, records that have skyrocketed in recent years.

"The English clubs have generated this inflation in the salaries of the players, but there is also an important factor and that is that many clubs compete in the domestic and European competitions. Although you dominate your competition, in Europe you can not lower the level and you need very complete templates and this has to be paid ", analyzes Pedro García del Barrio, an economist at the International University of Catalonia and member of a research group on football finance .

For Atlético, putting together a competitive squad that would allow him to fight for LaLiga and aspire to the Champions League final in the Metropolitano took him to the top of his salary expense when he renewed Griezmann. So that Lucas does not leave the project, now he only has to trust that the player accepts his offer. Club accounts are at the limit.

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