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In a derby that was a hornet, nobody ran more risks than the ball, which could well suffer a sprain. Or a more serious injury. With Atlético and Real Madrid of palm trees with a possible draw the match was an infinite catalog of errors. A scruffy football with no one entitled to fight other than Thomas, the only one with charm, while the strongest of those who paraded through the Metropolitan. Fantastic scenario to which they did not add any grace, neither fuzzy and appalling. The last Wanda derby will not be a match for the archives of football treasures.

No one did enough to win. Yes everything possible for not losing. And all satisfied. Three games have Madrid with its goal closed. And Atlético, which is considered more earthly than its neighbor, was not injured. The result: a hard game, with a lot of work. All, even the most distinguished, were gregarious.

How quickly Atlético disengaged. His initial verve brought him a cross shot of João Félix that went to the Portuguese for a thumb. The adventure had a disappointing outcome. Atlético became a contrite team. It is your thing. Step back, blocking the opponent in his own field and nothing to compromise. The ball, always in sight. Simeone's box is sheltered, without more, does not bite the ball until the situation is extreme.

The local bajonazo gave rise to a Madrid calm with the ball. But, as his opponent, without any fearlessness. All occurrences closed. The game was tight, almost claustrophobic. Pifias followed each other. In the controls, in the passes, no matter how nursery they were.




Real Madrid


Oblak, Renan Augusto (Lemar, min. 60), Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Koke, Vitolo (Correa, min. 45), Thomas, Saúl, Diego Costa and João Félix (Marcos Llorente, min. 69).

Real Madrid

Courtois, Nacho, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Carvajal, Casemiro, Kroos, Federico Valverde (Modric, min. 67), Bale, Hazard (James, min. 76) and Benzema (Jovic, min. 87).

José Luis González González

Thomas (min. 92),
Nacho (min. 21) and
Varane (min. 68).

Stadium:Wanda Metropolitano

While people interfered and all were employed as Vietnamese in such an abrasive duel, only one player rose above the rest: Thomas. The game was so lush that the night became inhospitable for soccer players like João Félix, Bale, Benzema, Hazard. All denatured, dragged by the current machota of shock In front of the drums, no one like Thomas, overwhelming without the ball and the most applied draftsman with him. Long, the African was the best rojiblanco catalyst, with Koke and Saúl in its pedestrian version. Thomas has more records and he hung on Atlético. No one in Madrid had its impact, with Valverde, a novelty of Zidane, limited to the intention. The whole of Simeone was missing that bizarre point that costs so much. The whole of Zidane, also embrided, lacked to aerate his greatest offensive talent.

Atlético was not going, Real was not coming. The encounter, slater Some will say, it went from knot to knot. Unless Thomas came into play and connected with Trippier, a sequel to Pantic when screwing the ball. In front, the white attack was reduced to Kroos shrapnel, which he tested with a couple of shots.

So dislocated was the pulse that the paradoxes multiplied. Nacho, who manages as he can as a left-handed side, was a greater threat than Lodi, a backlash player with an offensive turbo. An incursion of the unexpected Nacho as an end culminated with a shot of Bale to the attic of the Metropolitan. It was one of those situations that for Bale are a fruslería. No one was oblivious to the most unsuspected clicks. In an upside down game, Bale, Hazard or João Félix looked like ordinary soldiers.

Without remedy, the game progressed without thread, discontinuous and tiring. The coaches' turn came. Simeone, who already exiled the confused Vitolo in favor of the agitator Correa, threw more cement into the field. First he placed Saul as a left-handed side to the detriment of Lodi, which lacks defensive fang. As if that weren't enough, Llorente, a pickaxe and shovel player, took João Félix out of the way, as insignificant as the insignificant Diego Costa. Something else Zidane was shirtless, with Modric and James at work for the irrelevant Valverde and the inconsequential Hazard.

The changes had a better effect on visitors to an increasingly declining opponent when Thomas had no focus. Without him, in the mattress boots the ball was falling apart. He had no better time serving Madrid, even though Nacho, again sudden in the facet that best dominates, attended Benzema from his shore, which forced the only merit stop of the night. Oblak was Oblak with his great stretch.

Only one detail, a minimal drip, could decant in a meeting predisposed from the beginning to resistance above any recreational glimpse. Thus it began and thus they buckled each other zero to zero. If not because it was a derby: two yawns.

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