'Athletica Vaticana', the team of athletes of the Holy See with priests, nuns and Swiss guards

'Athletica Vaticana', the team of athletes of the Holy See with priests, nuns and Swiss guards

The Vatican has launched a team of 60 elite athletes who make up priests, nuns, Swiss guards, and other lay Vatican workers, will run his first race on January 20 through the streets of Rome.

This has been announced by some of its protagonists in the Holy See who have specified that the first official sports association of the Vatican will be called 'Athletica Vaticana'. In the presentation it has been detailed that the team is also integrated by librarians, museum curators, carpenters, firemen or farmers of the farm of Castel Gandolfo, in charge of supplying the Pope's table.

Among the runners stands Melchor Sánchez de Roca, member of the Pontifical Council for Culture, who has said that the team is "a dream." "A dream we have had many times is to see the flag of the Holy See among those that appear at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games," said Melchor Sánchez, who also serves as team president and responsible for the sports area within the ministry of culture of the Vatican.

For his part, the secretary of the team, Giampaolo Mattei, said that in the race it is also possible to meet Jesus. "Faith helps us in the most difficult moments," he said. In addition, the professor of the Vatican Apostolic Library, Michael Ciprietti, 62, explained that his goal "is not only to compete, but to promote culture and athletics to launch a message of solidarity and fight against racism and racism. violence of any kind. "

The religious Marie-Laure Puybareau, who coordinates the Italian Dominican communities from Rome, has affirmed that for her the career is a "source of meditation and inspiration".

The association arises as a result of a homily of Pope Francis in May 2017 pronounced in Genoa when he said: "The Christian is a pilgrim, a hopeful marathon runner: gentle, but determined to walk."

The first official competition for 'Vatican Athletics' will take place already on January 20, on the occasion of La Corsa di Miguel. It will be a 10-kilometer race in Rome in honor of Miguel Sánchez, an Argentine runner who 'disappeared' during the years of the Dirty War.


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