Athletic-Valencia | Copa del Rey: Bordals is to take off his hat

Te can like more or less. Even a lot or a little. But there is no doubt that José Bordals is a great coach. What he did for five years in Getafe is the history of the azuln club. This season went to Valencia with the intention of refloating a ship that was leaking all over.

With a couple of patches and his controversial ideals he has pulled him out of a certain sinking and, perhaps, it leads to a good port. It is 90 minutes from La Cartuja. In San Mamés, his Valencia competed like a charm against a great team, executioner of Bara and Madrid and who played in front of their public.

Few technicians know how to take as much advantage of templates with scarce resources and Bordals is a master for that. In his way, but just as valid as any other. Merit has. And a lot.

Minute 90. Tie at one on the scoreboard. long ball and falls Hugo Hard in the Athletic area and on him They lived. Munuera Montero don't point to anything. The Valencianist is desperate and, to make matters worse, he takes the yellow. From the VOR room Villanueva Churches ratifies the decision of the field referee. The controversial play that marks the game and, who knows, the tie. In Valencia it is to be on the nail.

the talent of Muniain it is beyond any doubt. But this season he is showing his full potential. Being a precocious child had its advantages but also its drawbacks. That lack of maturity in the early years of his career led to certain ups and downs in his game.

Now, after more than a decade in the elite, he has managed to add enough experience to that talent to become a colossal player. Work, cover field, arrive, distribute... Few players are more complete than him in LaLiga right now. It is noticeable even in those intangible things that statistics cannot analyze, such as the way you move on the grass.

And besides, he is a leader. That concept that has had to mature as it ages and that now brings Athletic closer to a new Cup final, the long-awaited title they want in Bilbao. If anyone deserves to lift that trophy, it's him.

With Bryan Gil it will be something else

The incorporation of Bryan Gil It is the best thing that could have happened to Valencia this season. With his arrival the team should win a lot in attack. Provides overflow and speed to a team that plays something else, so it gives a different, fresh and quality variant. Players like Hugo Duro can swell with him in this second part of the campaign and give Valencia the opportunity to return to Europe.

Dani García could injure Soler

The Athletic player arrived late to a divided ball and was too forceful. He nailed the studs to to usually do on the leg above the knee, which was able to remove it early. Failure to do so could have caused a serious injury. Danny Garcia at the end of the play he took the yellow, which could well have been a direct red. The Valencianista took the mark on his thigh as a souvenir.

Tension on the way to changing rooms

All the tension of the intense first half was shaken by the players of both teams on the way to the changing rooms, with Yuri Berchiche Y Diakhaby. A small brawl that later had its continuation in the bowels of the stadium and that earned Maxi Gmez, who was part of the Valencian bench, the expulsion.

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