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In photo, Williams and Wass, for the ball. On video, Celades and Garitano talk about the game.

Valencia desecrated the Cathedral. The unpredictable and disconcerting block of Albert Celades, on the way to find a new identity, punctured the unbeaten condition of Athletic in his fief and broke, in passing, several statistics. The eleven of the bat ended the streak of 17 games without losing Athletic in San Mamés, scored the first goal of the season in the Basque fort and was also the first set that surpasses the lions of Garitano after seven league days. In his best game of the course, Valencia, still full of doubts, gains height.






Unai Simón, Capa (Lekue, min. 82), Yuri (, min. 91), Yeray, Íñigo Martínez, Raúl García, Ibai Gómez (Aduriz, min. 60), Dani García, Unai López (Beñat, min. 60) , Muniain and Williams.


Cillessen, Garay (Gabriel Paulista, min. 45), Wass, Jaume Costa, Mouctar Diakhaby, Parejo, Cheryshev (Rubén Sobrino, min. 84), Ferrán Torres, Coquelin, Rodrigo and Maxi Gómez (Manu Vallejo, min. 67).

Mario Melero López

Unai López (min. 49),
Cillessen (min. 87),
Wass (min. 93),
Mouctar Diakhaby (min. 45),
Cheryshev (min. 19),
Rodrigo (min. 33) and
Aduriz (min. 76).

Stadium:San Mamés

The absence due to Kondogbia's injury caused a change in the performance of Valencia in San Mamés. Without the French midfielder, Celades did not dare to maintain the triplet of midfielders that distinguishes him since he arrived in Mestalla. The option of returning Wass to that area meant keeping rookie Correia on the right side. Too much risk. The Catalan coach returned to 4-4-2, where Rodrigo, again through the center with freedom of movement and delaying his position to engage with Parejo and Coquelin, raged between the lines.

More comfortable with the tactical framework that Marcelino used for two seasons, Valencia regained sensations at La Catedral. Athletic, intractable at the start of the course, was stung by the sides. Ferran on the right and Cheryshev on the left won duels against Yuri and Capa, overflowing with speed, with the ball and without the ball, the youth player and the Russian. The group of Gaizka Garitano, disgraced, did not appear at the goal of Cillessen until the second act, where he won aggressively in the aerial duels.

The first goal of the match cost Valencia five touches. Even, with a pass with his chest from the front of the area, he neutralized a center of Athletic from the right side. The Coquelin offensive continued, which launched Rodrigo and this one at Maxi Gómez. The Uruguayan, away from the area and touching the offside, waited patiently for Ferran to start running on the right. The canterano received surpassing Yuri and attended on Cheryshev, that marked with the right. Athletic received their first goal in San Mamés this course and the Russian, highlighted in Stamford Bridge and booked until arriving in Bilbao, gave Valencia imbalance while waiting for Guedes, in a moment of spectral play, to return. The Portuguese was a substitute in Bilbao. Celades is firm and consistent, Guedes does not find himself.

Before Cheryshev scored, Maxi Gómez, a winner in the corpus with the centrals, threatened Unai Simon with two cartridges filled with poison. At the start of the second half, the Basque goal took another shot of the Uruguayan armored hip. Rodrigo oriented control and the subsequent pass with the outside towards the Uruguayan was a delight.

Athletic got up in the second half. Two lashes followed by Williams, invisible until then, tripped over Cillessen's foot, first, and with the post, later. The defense of the bat suffered the injury of Garay, who did not appear in this period, and the lions took the opportunity to take out the fangs. Williams, accompanied by the bombers Raúl García and Aduriz in an Athletic already supported in the direct game, left Jaume Costa and shot cross. Cheryshev, while, was still working on his sidewalk. The Russian international was able to close a good game with a goal that was often served by Manu Vallejo, who debuted in LaLiga with that assistance.

Athletic played with 10 due to Yuri's injury in the discount and Valencia could gain his victory but Ferran crashed a ball in Iñigo Martínez's chest with Unai Simón on the ground.

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