January 23, 2021

Athletic get a key win against Elche in trouble

Oscar de Marcos and Iker Muniain revitalized this Sunday Athletic club and they were key in the victory for 1-0 before him Elche in San Mames in a clash in which Laguardia’s was key and the captain, the one who scored the goal that decided the game.

De Marcos was the one who centered Muniain in the goal and also took the ball almost under sticks with which the Argentine Emiliano Rigioni almost tied the match in the 88th minute. Muniain was the one who led his team continuously throwing his teammates.

Among them, a very active Iñaki Williams, especially in the second half with Elche with three centrals, who it was neither successful nor lucky in a shot with effect to the far post that crashed into the post and would have made it 2-0.

Bilbao’s triumph, however, was unquestionable and deserved, and it serves the team to move away six points from a decline that Elche follows one point after their tenth consecutive game without winning.

In addition to your team, A Gaizka Garitano receives air who, had he not won, would have seen his future in danger righ now.

Athletic started well, although without creating hardly any danger in several shots from Berenguer, Raúl and Vencedor before the first approaches, also timid, from Elche in a stretch towards Simón’s area.

However, De Marcos, a novelty in the eleven, already warned of his intentions for a right wing in which he married Williams well and for which the 1-0 was born.

A play in which Williams played Muniain throwing De Marcos, De Marcos de Williams centering to small area and Muniain de Raúl entering with everything to finish off with the sole and mid-height between the three clubs impossible for Edgar Badia.

A couple of local errors made clear the importance of the three points for the rojiblancos, who saw it 2-0 in a shot from the edge of Williams in the 34th minute.

But the Bilbao striker, who had received from an aerial dispute won by Raúl García, the shot came out very focused and Badía rejected to maintain the 1-0 with a view to the second half because not much more happened in the rain.

Elche did not work in the first half and Jorge Almirón, from his home, and Jesús Muñoz, on the bench, did not think about it: three changes at half-time and a change of system with three centrals.

And that revolution was about to go well for him, since one of those who entered, Lucas Boyé, had a good chance to tie. But the Argentine striker, who came out alive from a crossing in unison by Vencedor and Nuñez, decided to pass and not shoot and Iñigo Martínez crossed to clear the danger.

It was the consequence of an overtaking of the lines of the Elche team that had as a counterpart the space that it left behind. To which Williams was continuously thrown to try to kill the party.

He almost succeeded with a pass to Raúl, after receiving from Muniain, in which Verdú interposed and in a subsequent shot with a thread to the far post that crashed into the post.

Elche threatened again with a center from Rigoni’s left that Boyé almost reached, but Williams did not stop and sent a ball to Yuri that the side crashed into the side of the net.

Neither Yuri, nor Villalibre nor Sancet were successful on three other good occasions in some final counterattacks in which the ‘lions’ lacked fangs.

And they were about to pay it because, in a huge lack of defense, Rigoni was about to score 1-1. The Argentine left-hander did not give much strength to the ball and there he ran out of options to score his team.

Data sheet:

1 – Athletic: Unai Simón; De Marcos, Nuñez, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri; Winner (Dani García, m.66), Vesga; Williams (Villalibre, m.82), Muniain (Lekue, m.82), Berenguer (Sancet, m.66); and Raúl García.

0 – Elche: Edgar Badía; Barragán, Gonzalo Verdú, Josema, Sánchez Miño (Víctor Rodríguez, m.46); Marcone; Tete Morente (Rigoni, m.66), Raúl Guti (Nino, m.78), Fidel, Pere Milla (Josan, m.46); and Carrillo (Lucas Boyé, m.46).

Goals: 1-0, m.25: Muniain.

Referee: Mario Melero López (Andalusian Committee). He showed a yellow card to the local Vencedor (m.36) and Yuri (m.50), and to the visitors Barragán (m.44).

Incidents: Match day 17 of the First Division, played in the rain and very cold in San Mamés behind closed doors.


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