Athletic - Barcelona | Copa del Rey: Athletic - Bara: Pending accounts

PFew matches guarantee, a priori, as much emotion as one in which these three elements are combined: Athletic Club, Barcelona and Copa del Rey. This is one of the most traditional matches in our football. the authentic classic of this competition. Nobody wants this tournament more than these two clubs, the ones that have won it the most times throughout history. If we add to this that in recent seasons they have revitalized their rivalry based on great matches, tonight's event in San Mams promises.

The bara is one of the main responsible for the Athletic has not added a Copa del Rey in recent years. You have to put in that group the Real societyOf course, but the fact is that the Catalans have won four Cup finals against the Bilbao side since 2009.

For Bara, this competition has been a refuge in its bad times. At this time, in which the Barça team is adrift, without measuring up to Europe and with the morale eaten in League, this tournament has a soothing effect. Remember last season's Cup final, in which the Catalans won 0-4. That was probably the last big match for this Bara. Also the last title that Leo Messi conquered with the team of his life.

But hey, he Athletic He also has recent memories of playoffs in which he wet his ear while Barcelona. He has two cases in the last two years. The Super Cup last year, which they won with a goal in the last minute of extra time, or the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey 19-20, in which they beat Bara de Quique Setin.

they come hurt

Like Bara, Athletic is presented with the close resentment of the Super Cup. Marcellin and his soccer players had drawn a different scenario. but not. This time they came back empty-handed with their third consecutive runner-up after losing two Cup finals in April.

clinging to Saint Mams, which has sold out the 40,000 seats that the stadium will have to meet the 25% reduction in capacity, the lions will try to change pace in a tournament that continues to be their greatest source of joy for the remainder of the season. Suddenly erasing it would be a considerable smack to the soul.

Marcelino will make changes with respect to the eleven of Arabian. The game plan will also be different because the team needs speed to live time in the rival field and get San Mams to add to that vertigo produced by the Athletic when he drives in tune with his fans.

XaviOn the other hand, he begins to recover troops and could almost have, for the first time, his gala eleven.


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