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Three days of broadcasts from Glasgow of the Athletics Europe indoor track allow several considerations: first, that if there is a television sport that is athletics. Nobody sees better the effort of the athletes than the viewer. High precision cameras, repetitions, gestures, precise details with the photo finish... Everything revolves around the show with the help of technology.
Secondly, it is necessary to highlight the wonderful work of the Spanish commentators, sober and functional, who also manage without frills the abundant information on athletes, records, personal marks, and so on. Very few jokes are allowed, unlike the tired football commentators, and they value the information. A work that is complemented with short interviews to those who have just competed.
Third, highlight the simplicity of Spanish athletes when assessing their behavior. It is comforting to hear the explanations of those who have done wrong without seeking ferolitic alibis or common places, as well as sharing the joy of those who have fulfilled their objectives. They are hours and hours of training, trying to improve tenths of a second or centimeters in the jumps, for the mere personal pleasure of surpassing themselves, effort that we imagine is shaping the character of those who know that they play it all in an afternoon.
A team of 46 athletes with chronological obscenities included, such as those 15 years of Selma Paralluelo, who is also world champion of U-17 soccer, 17 of María Vicente and 18 of Jael Bestué. The 19 years of Sergio Lopez have as a counterpart that his grandmother competes in the tests of veterans. Finally, highlight the pleasure of being hours and hours in front of the television without having to listen to reproaches of vendepatrias, felons or other demonstrations of the analytical acuity of our policy professionals.


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