ATA (self-employed) congratulates itself on the drop in unemployment, but warns that the pace of job creation is being lost




The National Federation of Self-Employed Workers Associations (ATA) has been congratulated this Tuesday by the good data of the registered unemployment of July, which has fallen by 197,841 people, the largest decrease in the historical series, and by the occupation that in the seventh month of the year has marked its highest level since February 2020 with 19,400,964 people although they continue in ERTE 331,500 workers Y 218,000 self-employed they have continued to receive the cessation of activity benefit (self-employment).

For the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, «there are more jobs, less unemployment and more self-employed for the summer and the end of restrictions in many autonomous communities ». In addition, he pointed out that in August the data will also be positive although warned against the slowdown in the rate of job creation. Specifically, from the majority self-employed association, they have warned that at the end of June there was a greater year-on-year growth in employment and self-employed workers than this month. Regarding the latter, it should be noted that the number of self-employed has increased in July in 1,978 new contributors to the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers RETA compared to 13,045 in June and 17,505 in July 2020.

Amor (ATA) has also warned against uncertainty ahead of the fall due to the fifth wave and possible new restrictions. "We must be cautious given that we do not know what may happen throughout this month, what may happen to tourism and how employment will evolve over the next few months," said the president of ATA.

In his opinion, we must continue to pay attention to the evolution of the industrial fabric, "Generating certainty, legal security and, above all, providing it with mechanisms that allow them to create and maintain employment". In line with the above, Amor has asked that vaccination rates be increased as well as that stimulus measures and aid be maintained. Similarly, he urged "to promote an opening of our tourism sector that is essential not only for the reduction of workers but also for the increase in job creation."

The month of July is over with 1,978 more contributors to the RETA, a figure lower than that of June (13,045 more self-employed contributors) and very far from the 17,505 of July 2020. In this sense, they have regretted that in siete autonomous communities has lost autonomous: Madrid (-1,346 self-employed), Basque Country (-673 self-employed, Murcia (-212 self-employed), Navarra (-124), Catalonia (-79), Extremadura (-36) and La Rioja, which has lost seven self-employed. The rest of the regions have registered important rises, especially the Balearic Islands (+1,351 autonomous) and Andalusia (+809).

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