October 27, 2020

ATA Rewards Pharmacists for Essential Work in Pandemic



The president of the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists, Jesús Aguilar, received this Tuesday the ATA Autonomous Award of the Year 2020, with which the entity has recognized all Spanish pharmacists for the work they are developing in the pandemic of COVID-19.

The XIX Edition of the Autonomous of the Year Awards unifies most of the categories and jointly rewards all the groups that were essential for the autonomous during alarm state and that they remain so until the end of the pandemic. ATA has modified its awards and the Jury has unanimously decided to recognize those who have stood by the self-employed in the worst moments of the health crisis and they have been “the first aid of the self-employed.”

The event, held in Madrid, has been chaired by the King Felipe VI and in the same category have been distinguished the General Councils of Doctors, Administrative Managers, Social Graduates, Spanish Lawyers and the Federation of Professionals of Tax Technicians and Tax Advisors.

The president of the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges, Jesús Aguilar, has expressed his gratitude “for this award that highlights the work of the 75,260 pharmacists that as health professionals they are carrying out a essential work in this pandemica, in hospitals, in industry, in laboratories, in research, in public health and, of course, in pharmacies ».

“Everyone is leaving their skin to maintain and protect the health of citizens, an essential resource in the fight against coronavirus. Pharmacists have taken more risks than professionally required during the health emergency, and have been an example of solidarity with the population, acting with the utmost responsibility despite the difficulties, “he claimed.

Felipe VI, with the self-employed

King Felipe VI has sent a message of hope to the self-employedsy has pointed out that with the effort and contribution of the country’s own-account workers, “who always deserve the greatest support”, society and the Spanish economy “will overcome these difficult times” caused by the pandemic.

“Spain needs you more than ever and your efforts and efforts enrich and are part of the heart of our society,” he remarked, after transmitting “all the affection, understanding and gratitude of the Crown.”

His Majesty has valued that the self-employed have always played “a key role” in the Spanish economy, and added that “it is certain that they will continue to do so in the current process of recovery of the productive and social fabric, now immersed in one of the greatest health, economic and social crises in recent history.

«You are a true pillar in this process, not only because you make up 90% of this productive fabric, but because you contribute to structuring the life of the big cities and, what is perhaps more significant, also that of rural areas ”, he added.

Along these lines, he has emphasized that, without the Small business, the difficulties of the most depopulated areas of our country would undoubtedly be aggravated.

«When we speak of self-employed we are referring to a multiplicity of activities and shops that generate jobs and energize our society in many areas “, highlighted the King, who remarked that” without a doubt, it would be difficult to imagine the day to day without the self-employed. “

The King has also affirmed that the self-employed are “an essential engine for the functioning of the economy.” «You are strategic allies and suppliers of large companies and institutions, and also those responsible for the direct distribution of practically all the goods and services that Spaniards consume, “he added, after indicating that all are” a source of wealth, stability and employment. “

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