ATA criticizes that the Government is not fulfilling its promises to autonomous women

ATA criticizes that the Government is not fulfilling its promises to autonomous women


The National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers (ATA) has denounced that the Government is still not fulfilling the promises acquired with the autonomous women and that they are agreed with the Labor title, Magdalena Valerio within the agreement with the self-employed organizations materialized last December 26th.

As reported by ATA in a statement, among the measures that would be found in the debit of the Government, the flat rate of 60 euros for 12 months after motherhood, adoption or fostering of a minor. Celia Ferrero, vice president of ATA, recalled that the minister publicly announced that for 24 months autonomous women were going to benefit from a reduction in the quota after maternity «Without having to cease previously in the activity or close your business». In this sense, she has criticized that Social Security is not applying it when it is "one of the moments where more women stop being autonomous".

Ferrero also recalled that the Government neither does it comply with regard to the autonomous they can opt for a reduction in working hours, since the RETA does not regulate part-time contributions, unlike salaried workers. In this sense, number two of ATA has asked that Sanchez comply with the instrument that best suits him.

Similarly, from ATA, they have asked the autonomous communities to extend to 12 months more the bonus of the quota for self-employed mothers. In this regard, the coordinator of the ATA Women's Area Candelaria Carrera recalled that in some autonomies "the fee is already being reduced one more year for new self-employed persons of € 60 a month, it would be very important that the same extension be applied to the self-employed after the period of absence for maternity, adoption or fostering of a minor ». In his opinion, all this would represent a real apyo for the autonomous and their companies.

On the other hand, since ATA have also claimed a reduced quota of 30 euros per month for 24 months for women who start an activity within the rural area and in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants. What for Carrera would mean "a important support for rural entrepreneurship » outlining informal activities and "reduce the depopulation of small towns".


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