July 24, 2021

At what age should your children receive their first mobile? – The province

Siempre hay que usar herramientas de control parental

Last September the ban on the use of mobile phones in schools for children under 15 came into force in France. In Spain, the rules of how to use electronic devices depend on each institution, although from theANAR foundationthey defend that it would be very important that it be regulated at the state level.

The question that thousands of parents ask themselves today is: at what age should they give the first mobile to their child? In a society as technological as ours, in which we live permanently connected to the Internet, social networks, news from the smartphone is impossible missionthe phone does not become an object of desire.

The little ones copy what they see; also the use of the technology they make will depend a lot on the relationship that parents have withyour own mobile device.If adults are too attached to the phone, it is very likely that this behavior will be repeated in children.

Once the mobile phone is acquired it is good to set a series of rules such as keeping it always off during school hours. Getty Images

Between 13 and 15 years old as middle age

Although there are many opinions on this, 20% of Spaniards aim at 14 years as the average age of beginning in the use of their own mobile phone, according to the'I Mobile Study in Spain: Childhood and mobile use', made by the company holaMOBI.

According to the study, 18.7% of the more than 230 respondents say that the recommended average age is 16 years, while 13.6% thinkthat the best option is 15 years.In addition, about 30% of the participants in the survey show doubts about what would be the most advisable age and point to the differentiation between a mobile phone and a smartphone as a determining element: more than 4.5% of Spaniards consider thatchildren must have mobile terminals with the possibility of making calls, but without Internet access.

For his part, Benjamín Ballesteros, program director of the ANAR Foundation, says in an interview with ABC that it is difficult to establish a suitable age to use a mobile phone, "but the idealwould be from 15 years to avoid, also, that there are more cases of bullying or sexting, since the maturity of the minor will be greater and will have a more developed cognitive system ".

It is important that there is parental control of the use of the mobile phone. Getty Images

As we said, there are many opinions on this. A report from the Ombudsman for the Community of Madrid underlines that between the ideal age for the first mobileIt is between 13-14 years old."The beginning of puberty and the process of independence that starts from this age could in any case be justifying elements of its purchase, although always in the essential framework of parental control," says that dossier.

The main reason to buy a mobile is that the children are locatable

What is the main reason to buy a mobile phone for your child?

In relation to the main reasons referred to by the Spanish respondents in 'I Mobile Study in Spain: Childhood and mobile use', the analysis suggests that the main reason is thedirect contact with parents or relatives so that the children can be reachedoutside of the home environment or during times when they lack adult supervision.

Guidelines to keep in mind: supervision and time limit

On the other hand, 10.2% of respondents said that it is necessary to supervise the use of the terminal and considers it necessary thatparents control their activity on the Internet or access their profiles on social networksto avoid situations of danger such as cyberbullying.

"It is importantlimit the time of use, monitorand to prevent minors from using their mobile phones or computers before fulfilling their responsibilities or to fill deadlines, "explains the head of the Andalusian delegation of the Alia2 Foundation, Marta González, who stresses the importance of" demanding respect and do not allow private or personal data to be published. "

Set rules of use

  • Unplug your cell phone one hour before bed and do not let it go to bed
  • Keep the device always off during school hours
  • Establish usage times and a monthly spending limit
  • It is also very important that parents preach by example
  • Supervise applications or files that minors download, explaining that they should give preference to those coming from official sites
  • Tell them about the dangerous situations they may face
  • Use of parental control tools


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