"At this point in my movie, the fundamental thing is to have fun"

"At this point in my movie, the fundamental thing is to have fun"

Carlos Sainz announced after winning the 2018 edition that the Dakar was over for himbut less than twelve months later he is again willing to travel to Peru and defend his title as of January 6. The Mini project convinced him from the beginning and put all his experience at the service of the brand to develop a relatively young car. Therefore, due to the lack of time to develop it, reliability is the only concern it has. Otherwise, it is happy, confident and hopeful that he can fight to put a new Touareg on his bookshelf. "At this point of my sports film it is fundamental to have fun. I'm looking forward to the Dakar and very happy. When I do not run the Dakar I will have to invent something to see people at this time and wish them happy holidays", Joked Sainz, to whom the bug of adventure in the desert has really bitten him.

Fernando Alonso would do very well here

Says Sainz that he has already encouraged several times to the Spaniard to try in this modality, although, yes, reminding him that it is something very different to driving in a circuit, either with an F1 or with a resistance car. "He is not stupid, on the contrary, he is very intelligent and knows that it is a race that must be respected. I have encouraged him to try it, but he has to prepare it well and do a test. If he takes it seriously he would do it superbly. "

Last year's rivals

As for the other candidates for the title for 2019, Carlos is very clear that They will be the same as in 2018. "Nani Rome with the 4×4, the Toyota, with Al Attiyah at the head … Peterhansel, Despres, Loeb … ". There will be no surprises in this sense, although there may be some in terms of the route, something shorter than other editions, but very demanding.

A deceptive Dakar

"It's a little special edition. I expect an intense and complicated race. It is always so. This is shorter, but the percentage of dunes is almost one hundred percent. Three hundred kilometers of dunes will take us five hours and the stress will be very high. There is more chance of things happening until the last kilometer of the last day. It's a deceptive Dakar, there are fewer days but it will not be easier. We expect a lot of hardness in Peru, "confirms Carlos, who always finds goals to keep competing even if he has already won everything at the wheel. "As a driver, I am more than satisfied with what my sport has brought me. I have been lucky to dedicate myself to my passion. With 13 years he painted rally cars. I dreamed and I was lucky that those dreams came true with work and dedication. "


Sainz has the honor of being the oldest winner of this race, to get it last year with 55 years, and it is also the winner that by less margin has reached the first goal, specifically ahead of Nasser Al Attiyah in 2010, in what was the first Spanish victory in the category of cars.

Now, with 56 years of age, he returns to the Peruvian desert, perfectly prepared physically and only with a small discomfort in his knee that will not stop him from doing his best. After returning from America, he will go to the doctor to see what exactly happens in that joint.


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