At least two people die from flooding in the Brazilian city of Manaus

At least two people died on Saturday as a result of the floods caused by heavy rains that hit the Brazilian city of Manaus, capital of the northern state of Amazonas, in the early morning, authorities said.

According to the Civil Defense of Amazonas, 73 emergency cases were registered in the greater metropolis of the Amazon, where cars were swept away by strong water currents and the mud invaded residences and commercial premises.

The victims, both male, died drowned in similar circumstances after falling into sewer pits that opened by water pressure.

Luiz Oliveira Pessoa, 69, fell into a small creek that had grown in the Petrópolis neighborhood, while Everaldo da Silva Lemos, 44, was taken by the stream to a drain pit in the Zumbí neighborhood.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) between Friday night and Saturday morning the accumulated rainfall in Manaus reached 143 millimeters.

The relief agencies that moved to the places most affected by the rains warned of the risks of landslides and requested that residents of the most damaged homes in the regional capital and neighboring municipalities leave their homes because of the imminent danger.

After the rain stopped, the Civil Defense found landslides in some peripheral neighborhoods.

The Fire Department, meanwhile, answered some danger calls due to the risk of fire due to the short circuits that were presented in the public electricity network that brought down light poles and exposed wires.

The traffic of vehicles was also compromised with the traffic lights that stopped working and caused traffic jams since Friday night and that were maintained this Saturday preventing the mobility of public and private transport.

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