At least two killed by the collapse of two buildings in Rio de Janeiro

At least two people have been killed and two others injured in the collapse of two residential buildings of four floors each in a popular neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro on Friday and relief teams are looking for more victims in the rubble, authorities said.

The Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro confirmed the death of two people and the rescue of two wounded, and indicated that local inhabitants indicated that other victims were buried under the rubble of the two buildings in the Muzema neighborhood, in the west from the city.

The relief agencies also reported the rescue of a man by the neighbors themselves, which was transferred by the Fire Department to a nearby hospital.

Due to the risk of collapse of other nearby properties and to facilitate the rescue work of firefighters and Civil Defense, the authorities decided to cordon off the area.

The Mayor's Office of Rio de Janeiro, which expects to deliver an initial assessment of victims and material damage in the coming hours, reported that about sixty buildings in the region were built in an "irregular" manner in areas of "high risk of collapse."

The Muzema neighborhood, controlled by armed militias that prevented the demolition of irregular properties, was one of the most affected by the heavy rains this week in Rio de Janeiro that caused at least ten deaths and dozens of injuries.

Inhabitants of the place denounced that the militias, which are criminal organizations made up of ex-policemen and corrupt active agents and control various areas of Rio de Janeiro, occupy land and build residences to sell illegally.

According to information from the Governorate of Rio de Janeiro, heavy storms have left at least 1,200 displaced.

The "marvelous city", where some 2,000 emergencies have been attended, is in a state of crisis, the highest in the scale of emergencies.


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