May 18, 2021

At least three killed by the explosion in a plastics factory in Santo Domingo

At least three killed by the explosion in a plastics factory in Santo Domingo

At least three people died and an indeterminate number was injured by a strong explosion recorded today in a plastics factory in the vicinity of the Dominican capital, and whose roar was felt in several surrounding sectors.

The director of the Fire Department of the National District, Rafael del Rosario, confirmed to the press the death of two men and a woman because of the strong explosion.

However, the owner of the company, Manuel Diez Cabral, confirmed the death of two people and numbered nine injured, although different sources speak of a greater number of injured.

Likewise, the businessman pointed out that "the technicians work together with the relief agencies to determine the impact and know the causes, and we expect them to report on this situation."

The authorities try to determine the number of people who were in the place at the time of the event, while the local televisions broadcast images of several ambulances entering and leaving the factory.

For its part, the mayor of the National District, David Collado, explained that the rescue teams of the Army and the Emergency Operations Center (COE) are located inside the site.

For his part, the head of operations of the COE, Edwin Olivares, explained, in the presence of Collado, who evaluate with those responsible for the factory "how many people are injured, how many people left, which came to work today or which were in free turn "to be able to determine the number of victims.

Now, he explained, work is being done to "secure the area and fight the fire."

The event occurred near noon and affected several neighboring buildings of this company, as well as vehicles that were parked around the factory.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement that it designated a team to evaluate and monitor the people affected by the explosion and thus offer the necessary attention, as well as ensuring that it has several ambulances to move to public and private centers. the injured.

"We are attentive to any eventuality so that we can offer the necessary attention in a timely and fast manner to the affected population," doctors José Luís Cruz and Roberto Peguero, responsible for Risk Management and Disasters and Environmental Health, said in a statement. of said portfolio.

They explained that they carry out an availability survey in Blood Banks, as a preventive measure.

While the National Health Service said hospitals in the metropolitan area are ready to receive people who could be injured or affected.

For its part, in its Twitter account, the Mayor of the National District recommended to the public to reduce the displacement in streets and main avenues of the city so that emergency vehicles can be moved more effectively to the scene of the accident.


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