Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

At least one injured by bull horn in the sixth confinement – La Provincia

The bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo (Cádiz) have starred this Friday a dangerous and fast sixth running of the Sanfermines in which they have left at least one injured by bull horn.

The confinement lasted two minutes and 18 seconds. The herd has left at 8 from the corrals of Santo Domingo. The horns have been placed on both sides of the street following the halters and one of the bulls has looked with danger to the waiters, until he has one of them in his left leg.

In this fuck, the bull has been off the hook of the rest of his brothers and has looked with danger to one side and the other, without attacking any young man, but generating again scenes of danger.

The bull has reached the herd, which has followed the path of the City Hall and the Mercaderes curve, taking it without incidents and without slipping.

The group has lined the street Estafeta, with two halters leading the encierro, the six bulls after them, and the rest of halters behind.

The strong pace of the race has made it difficult for runners to be in front of the pack and Several hits and falls have been recorded.

Midway Estafeta street, three bulls have fallen in the middle of the group and have been left behind, but then they have stood up and have continued the race, without generating more danger for the runners.

The herd has been divided into three parts, with two bulls and halters in front, two other bulls in the middle of the race and finally, very close, the last two bulls closing the bull running. This has allowed the waiters to have more options to run in front of the antlers of the bulls. There have been several falls in the alley, but there have been no major incidents and the bulls have accessed the pigsties.

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