At least 800 people have died on the Canarian Route this year

The group Caminando Fronteras released a report yesterday in which it highlights that five people have died every day trying to reach Spain

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An average of five migrants have died each day trying to reach Spain during the first half of 2022, which represents a total of 978 victims, according to
the 'Rights to life' report presented this Wednesday by the group Caminando Fronteras. Of these deaths, 800 have occurred on the Canarian Route, the deadliest.

Of those almost 1,000 victims, the organization calculates, 938 lost their lives on the maritime access routes to Spain – the Canary, the Strait, the Alboran Sea and the Algerian routes – while
40 died due to police violence in the attempt to cross the Melilla fence on June 24, 37 during the jump and 3 in the following days.

Of the total number of deceased migrants in this semester, 118 were women and 41 were minors. Nevertheless,
87.8% of the victims are missing, because his body could not be recovered. In addition, the data made public by Walking Borders indicates that 18 boats have disappeared with all the people who were on board.

The data shows that the deadliest route has been the Canarian route (800 victims and 28 shipwrecks), followed by the Algerian route (101 people dead or missing in 11 sinkings), the Alboran Sea route, in which 35 people have died in three shipwrecks and the Strait (2 and 2).

Although the Strait, Alborán and Algerian routes are less traveled, the risk increases due to the authorities' omission of the relief duty, the report denounces.

«The rescue means are not activated, or they are done very late as far as the alerted boats are concerned. This happens above all in Alborán, the Balearic Islands and in the rescues of the Atlantic zone coordinated by Morocco”, underlines the report of the non-governmental organization made public.

Lack of coordination

Among the negligence detected, it warns that the search means are not deployed with
enough speed despite having the position of the boats, nor the aerial means when there are already people who have fallen into the water.

It also highlights the lack of coordination between the Spanish authorities and the bordering countries.

Throughout the first half of 2022, the months with the highest number of deaths and disappearances were
January and Junewith 306 and 290 victims respectively.

The migrants - "who have traveled the world to die on the Spanish coast", the report emphasizes - come from 23 different countries, including Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Yemen.

These people were expelled from their territory, exposes the organization, due to armed conflicts, impoverishment aggravated by climate change and lack of work, sexist violence and violence against LGTBI groups and the repression against human rights activists.

deadliest route

The six-monthly reports of the organization Caminando Fronteras show that the Canarian Route is the deadliest for migrants leaving the African coast. At the beginning of this year, the organization already announced that on this journey they died
4,016 people in 2021 in a total of 124 shipwrecks of which he was aware and able to track. The documented data also indicates that during that year 83 boats with all the people on board disappeared.

This figure means
91.18% of the 4,404 migrants who lost their lives or disappeared at sea in their attempt to reach Europe. The numbers for 2021 double the record for the previous year, when the deaths recorded by this group reached 2,170, that is, the increase in 2021 was 103% compared to 2020.

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