At least 8 people die in an attack on a camp for displaced in Syria

At least 8 people die in an attack on a camp for displaced in Syria

At least eight people were killed and dozens were wounded in a displaced persons camp in the Syrian province of Idlib, in the northwest of the country, by an artillery attack by government forces, activists said.

Among the eight dead, there are three minors and three women, according to Abu Mohamed al Idlibi, a member of the Syrian Civil Defense, rescue body also known as the "white helmets".

Several artillery shells and artillery shells landed on the displaced persons camp, which is between the towns of Um Yalal and Um Tauina, the activist said.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory said that the death toll from the attack amounts to 10 people, including 3 minors and 4 women.

The NGO stressed that the death toll could rise due to the seriousness of the wounded, although it did not specify their number.

A commander of the rebel Free Syrian Army (ELS) group, who requested anonymity, told Efe that today there were no military operations by opposition factions in that area.

The attack took place in the demilitarized zone created last September, through an agreement between Russia and Turkey, to separate the troops from Damascus and the rebels in and around the Idlib region.

Idlib is controlled by rebel and Islamist groups, including the Liberation Front of the Levant, the former Syrian subsidiary of Al Qaeda.

Despite the agreement, in recent months there have been frequent artillery firings between both sides in the area and there have also been occasional bombings by aviation loyal to Bashar al-Assad.


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