Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

At least 8 civilians killed in a bombing of Afghan forces

At least eight civilians were killed in a bombing of Afghan security forces during a military operation against the Taliban in the insecure province of Nangarhar, in eastern Afghanistan, the Kabul government confirmed on Saturday.

The air raid on Friday afternoon, in the town of Kakrak, in Nangarhar, an area under the influence of the Taliban, occurs just when the insurgents and a US delegation appear to have reached an agreement to reduce violence May it pave the way for peace negotiations.

“As a result of the air raid, unfortunately eight civilians, including one child, died during an operation against the Taliban,” Nanulhar’s spokesman told Efe Attaullah Khogyanai.

Khogyanai said it was a military operation against the insurgent group in that area and that the death of these civilians, probably inhabitants of the area, was an “unfortunate” incident.

Ajmal Omar, one of the members of the Nangarhar Provincial Council, explained to Efe that the civilians who died in the air attack were a group of people returning from a picnic in the district.

“All the civilians killed were men,” he said.

In this operation, nine Taliban fighters died, including one of the local commanders, identified as Khwazak, also known as Abdullah, a security officer in Nangarhar assured Efe, on condition of anonymity.

The Taliban said, on the other hand, that all the victims of the air attack were civilians, 11 people in total, the insurgents said through social networks.

The incident occurred on the same day that the US Department of State revealed that the US delegation and the Taliban had reached an agreement to reduce violence in Afghanistan for seven days, with the aim of facilitating a dialogue between insurgent training and the Government. from Kabul

That agreement, of which no details are known, will come into force “very soon,” a US State Department official told the press on Friday.

If a reduction in violence by the Taliban takes place, the United States could sign with the insurgents at the end of February a final agreement that includes a phased exit of US troops from Afghanistan, where they remain between 12,000 and 13,000 troops.

Afghanistan lives a bloody war since in 2001 a coalition led by the United States overthrew the Taliban regime, which since then fights to re-control the country, where it currently dominates large territories.


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