June 24, 2021

At least 7 dead in floods from torrential rains in Jordan

At least 7 dead in floods from torrential rains in Jordan

At least seven people were killed today by floods caused by torrential rains in several areas of Jordan, weeks after a tragedy in a Dead Sea area that cost the lives of 21 citizens, the Jordanian government said today.

Jordanian State Minister for the Media, Yumana Gunaimat, told the Petra state agency that more heavy rains are expected throughout this night and tomorrow in the country.

Therefore, he asked citizens living in low-lying areas and valleys to "evacuate their homes for the sake of their safety," adding that they should take refuge in schools near their homes, which have been equipped to receive evacuees.

Also, Gunaimat said that "all trips to tourist areas have been canceled on Saturday due to bad weather."

Rescue operations continue in several areas, particularly on the desert highway that connects the capital Amman with the port of Aqaba, on the shores of the Red Sea, in southern Jordan, the minister said.

These floods occur two weeks after the floods killed 21 people, mostly children, who were on board a bus that was dragged by a torrent in the Dead Sea area, one of the lowest points of the earth.

The Jordanian government admitted responsibility for that event, since the vehicle did not have permission to move in that area, and the Minister of Tourism, Lina Annab, and Education, Azmi Mahafzah, resigned.


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