At least 47 women killed by gender violence in 2018 in Spain

At least 47 women killed by gender violence in 2018 in Spain

At least 47 women have been murdered by their partners and ex-partners in 2018 in Spain, and only 14 of them (that is, 29.8%) had reported their abuser, according to the data of the Government Delegation for Violence against Women. Gender. In addition, five fatalities had some measure of protection in force at the time of his murder.

The official data of women killed by this type of violence have been collected since 2003. According to these figures, in fifteen years at least 975 women were killed, according to official figures. One of the first news announced by the Vice President and Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, upon reaching the Government, was the incorporation of a global calculation of murdered in all the annual records of fatalities. The cumulative count was included at the beginning of July with a total of 945 women murdered and, five months later, There are at least 30 more victims.

Another of the intentions of the Executive is the setting in motion of an official statistic, separate from that of gender violence, to count the cases of murders and homicides of women outside the scope of the couple or ex-partner. This will include the crimes of Laura Luelmo, the teacher who has recently been killed by a man in Campillo (Huelva), or Diana Quer, the young Madrid murdered by José Enrique Abuín, aka 'El Chicle', in August 2016

The Government Delegation for Gender Violence has been working since last October in collecting data on "all forms of violence against women for reasons of gender or sex reasons" with the aim of preparing the database , although it does not specify when it will begin to be published.


According to the statistics of women killed by gender violence, updated as of December 19, of the 47 women murdered this year, the majority (33) had not reported their aggressor. Only in 14 cases was reported 29.8% of the total of fatalities. Of that minority of cases in which there was prior denunciation, in 13 it had been interposed by the victim herself and only in one by other people in her environment. In addition, of the 14 cases of abuse reported to the State Security Forces and Corps, in four of them the victims decided not to continue with the process.

Protection measures had been requested in 11 of the cases, and were adopted in nine of them. In fact, these protective measures in favor of the victim were in force in five of the cases at the time of the murder.

Among the fatalities that appear among the official figures is that she was the girlfriend of César Román, known as 'the king of the Cachopo'; or a 21-year-old girl whose boyfriend of 14 shot him with a shotgun in a shooting range in Las Gabias (Granada). The last mortal victim included is a woman from Manresa (Barcelona) who died on December 15 and whose husband has been accused of negating her.

A case in investigation

In 2018, a crime of the wife of La Orotava (Tenerife) and her two underage daughters, who appeared dead on July 14, remains under investigation, while the alleged perpetrator of the three crimes was hanged.

In parallel to the official statistics, the web '' has counted 96 femicides and murders of women in 2018. They include the 47 murders of the government's official database, but it also includes two other crimes of women not confirmed as 'intimate feminicide', that is, in the context of the couple.

In this account, the so-called 'non-intimate feminicides' are also added, including the murder of Laura Luelmo, and of five other women murdered at the hands of men. It also distinguishes between 'family feminicides', 'childish', 'for prostitution', other femicides or murders without sufficient data or for theft.

Nearly 1,000 cases in 15 years

For 15 years, when there are official statistics, a total of 975 women have been killed by their partners or ex-partners. Since 2006 there is a difference between those who did report their aggressor (206 women) and those who never went to the State Security Forces to report their mistreatment (569 women), which are the majority of the murdered.

The murdered have been counted since 2003, but official statistics include complaints filed by victims of sexist violence only since 2006. In that year, the registers were approved under the Law on Integral Protection Measures against Gender Violence.

According to the count made by Europa Press based on the official record of fatalities, of the 206 women who reported their assailant for abuse, around half had some measure of protection in force at the time of his murder.

They requested measures of protection 159 of the victims that they previously denounced and these were adopted in 143, that is to say, in the majority of the cases in which they were requested.



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