August 11, 2020

At least 42 dead and more than 64 injured in fire in a factory in Delhi

At least 42 people died this Sunday in a fire that was declared at dawn in a factory in New Delhi and has left a minimum of 64 wounded who were taken to three hospitals in the capital, some in very serious condition.

"So far we have counted 42 dead and 64 people injured, some very serious, but there could be more," New Delhi fire department spokesman Atul Garg confirmed to Efe, adding that "most" of the dead and injured were victims of smoke.

The fire started around 5:20 local time (23:50 GMT on Saturday) for reasons still unknown at a factory in the Anaj Mandi area of ​​western New Delhi.

After learning about the event, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, lamented the tragedy through his Twitter account and called it "extremely horrible."

"My thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. I wish the wounded a speedy recovery. The authorities are providing all possible assistance at the scene of the tragedy," he wrote.

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