March 5, 2021

At least 24 workers are electrocuted to death in a clandestine textile factory in Tangier

At least 24 workers have died this Monday in a textile factory in Tangier (northern Morocco) due to an accident caused by an electrical short circuit, according to official sources. It is a clandestine workshop located in the basement of a residential building, located south of Tangier, near the road to Rabat.

The local authorities of the region have issued a statement in which they specified the factory located in the Al Mars neighborhood suffered a rainwater leak on Monday morning. There are at least ten other survivors who have had to be admitted to the Tangier Regional Hospital, and it is not ruled out that more workers are trapped in the building, so the rescue operation continues.

According to the web portal, about 40 people worked at the factory. The authorities have announced the opening of an investigation to clarify the facts.

The rains have been very intense throughout the Tangier region last night, flooding squares and avenues, in addition to flooding many houses and premises located at street level, as could be seen today on social networks.


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