February 26, 2021

At least 15 injured in a gas explosion at a mall in South Florida

At least 15 people have been injured in an explosion on Saturday at a mall in Plantation, north of Miami, because of a gas leak, local firefighters said.

The incident was recorded in the Fountains Plaza shopping center and, according to a press conference, the supervising chief Joel Gordon, among the injured were two people who suffered "serious injuries".

So far no account has been taken of fatalities, or where specifically the leakage of gas that gave rise to the explosion originated.

The firefighters are looking for more wounded, but estimate that by now all those affected by the event are receiving medical attention.

The explosion occurred near the LA Fitness gym, located inside the shopping center, and the images collected by the Local WPLG channel show the structure seriously damaged and broken glass or torn from the building, as well as debris scattered through the parking lot.

At the scene there is a strong police presence, both from the local dependency, from neighboring cities, as well as from the Broward County Sheriff's Office, where Plantation, a neighboring town of Fort Lauderdale, sits.

The streets have been closed to traffic by the Plantation Police, which keeps the area cordoned off.

"All stores and businesses in the Fountains Plaza and Plantation Marketplace Plaza area near LA Fitness will remain closed until further notice, until firefighters can determine that it is safe to return," the police agency reports on their Twitter account. .

Some neighbors in the area have indicated in social networks have heard a strong explosion, which was followed by a strong shake.

"We felt that the whole building was shaking, the roofs began to collapse, the windows flew," Christina J. told the Miami Herald newspaper.

The shopping center has more than fifty stores, including restaurants and sports or clothing stores.

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