April 14, 2021

At least 15 dead and 19 injured in an explosion in a mosque in Pakistan

At least 15 people, including a police command, died and 19 were injured in an explosion that occurred today in a mosque in the southeastern Pakistani city of Quetta, and whose nature the authorities attribute to a terrorist attack of a suicidal nature

“15 people were martyred and 19 wounded. Apparently it was a suicide explosion. The mosque was an easy target for terrorists, so they chose it,” the head of Interior of the province of Balochistan, whose capital is Quetta, said in a statement. Mir Zia Langu,

“As soon as the evening prayer ended, there was an explosion inside the mosque building that also killed a senior police officer,” Muhammed Ubaid, an official with the Quetta Police Headquarters, told Efe.

“Following the explosion, the Ministry of Health declared the medical emergency in all tertiary care hospitals in Quetta,” the provincial government said in a statement. Likewise, all doctors and technical personnel were called upon to remain in their jobs.

The area of ​​the explosion was cordoned off to begin the investigation of the incident, while numerous rescue teams moved to the scene to take the injured to hospitals, according to police.

In a statement released by his office, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan “strongly” condemned the explosion, lamented the loss of life and ordered an investigation, although he did not confirm that it was a terrorist act.

In 2019, Pakistan recorded the lowest terrorist violence in 15 years, with 393 dead in 159 attacks and 111 security forces operations, according to the Institute for Conflict and Security Studies of the Asian country (PICSS).

In addition, 687 people were injured, including 506 civilians and 178 members of the security forces.


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