May 16, 2021

At least 140 children and adolescents were orphaned by femicides in Peru

At least 140 children and adolescents were orphaned by femicides in Peru

At least 140 children and adolescents were orphaned and another 9 died for the 147 femicides that occurred this year in Peru, reported today the Ombudsman's Office.

The agency said in a statement that it identified "that at least 140 children and adolescents were orphaned, after the femicides of their mothers."

"Another nine minors lost their lives with their parents, and four pregnant women were killed during 2018, a year in which sex violence claimed the lives of 147 women, the highest annual figure since 2009 and 21% higher. to the one registered in 2017 ", detailed the note.

The Ombudsman, Walter Gutiérrez, said that his agency is identifying the victims at the national level "in order to guarantee their access to comprehensive care, despite the irreversible nature of the damage."

"It is urgent that, from the State and society, the structural causes of this situation be attacked: machismo and the subjection of women in their most extreme form," he remarked.

The organism recalled that last June, after the death of the young Eyvi Agreda, who was sprayed with fuel and burned by a man in a public transport bus, the Executive created a commission in charge of proposing actions for the protection, prevention and attention to cases of violence against women.

That commission was assigned a budget of 59 million soles (17.8 million dollars) "but paradoxically the violence figures this year increased," the Ombudsman said.

"An important factor to take into account is the disarticulation, lack of awareness and training of the operators of justice," he complained.

He added that, for this reason, "the complainants say they feel affected by the revictimization and discrimination to which they are subjected when they seek help."

"This was one of the findings of the hearings on this issue that the Ombudsman's Office made at the national level, facilitating the meeting between citizen demands and authorities," he said.

The Ombudsman also argued that the National Police does not update its care guide since 2016 nor has the National Directorate against violence against women and members of the family group been created, which was established by law, in addition to the lack of systematized information and updated for the follow-up and prevention of new cases.

In addition, the pilot plan of the Single Registry of Victims and Aggressive Persons (RUVA) was recently presented, although it has been in force since 2015, while 24 of the 25 regional governments created concertation bodies for prevention, attention, punishment and eradication. of violence against women and members of the family group, although none works properly.

"From the Ombudsman's Office we commit ourselves to provide each regional, provincial and district government with a minimum plan of action to fight against violence against women and to supervise their compliance," said Gutiérrez, who recalled that he has asked the Government to 2019 called "Year for equality and nonviolence against girls and women".

Precisely, sexist violence is pointed out by the Ombudsman's Office as one of the main threats to human rights in Peru, so the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra, has said that combating it is one of the main objectives of his Government.


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