August 3, 2021

«At last they have embraced the homosexual cause»

«At last they have embraced the homosexual cause»

Coque Malla posted a message on Facebook today after the VOX party used his song "I can not live without you" at the rally held last Sunday at the Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid before 10,000 attendees: "At last they have embraced the cause homosexual, "he says.

"I do not know if VOX Spain, the ultra-right party that has used without permission (they have the perfect right to do it, what are we going to do) my song 'I can not live without you' in one of their meetings, Know what half Spain thinks it's a song dedicated to cocaine… "the singer wrote, after learning that the song was the most sung and danced of the mentioned meeting.

In his opinion, VOX "has gotten a bit screwed up" but tells them "do not worry" because "the other half" -Spain- "knows the true inspiration of the song, which is none other than the homosexual relationship between two very dear gay friends, who had a really bad time because of intolerance and homophobic stupidity".

"For friendship and solidarity, I wrote that beautiful song, which has helped you so much in your life as a couple," says Malla, who, with irony, refers to the political party of Santiago Abascal and says that "It's hard to work" that VOX supports "nothing that has to do with cocaine" and is inclined to think that "they have finally opened their minds and embraced the homosexual cause"

"If so, I congratulate you sincerely, it is an example, that a right-wing party supports equality of rights and freedom of sexual choice," ends Malla, who accompanies the message with a video in which he sends them a kiss.


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