August 7, 2020

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Homecoming (Amazon Prime Video) is one of the most interesting series of those that are currently exhibited and is for several reasons: for the extraordinary performance of Julia Roberts, an actress who like Charlotte Rampling or Lauren Bacall, among others, He has been able to enrich his interpretive qualities over the years – there is also his extraordinary duel with Meryl Streep in the excellent August, the feature film directed by John Wells-, as well as accepting naturally the traces of the passage of time on his face. She has long ceased to be "the girlfriend" or "the smile" of America to become a great actress.

It is also for the excellent production of Sam Esmail, producer of the disturbing Mr. Robot, one of the talents of television fiction, and a plot developed in ten chapters of 30 minutes each, in which, softly and mercilessly, introduces the viewer into the turbid territory of a private company linked to the US Department of Defense in that nothing is what it seems, a company that theoretically is dedicated to the rehabilitation of soldiers who suffer post-traumatic stress for their proper social reintegration but, in practice, their interests are much more unmentionable. A new example of the perverse results of the association between the public and the private sector of which Spanish health in the days of popular governments knows so much, without going any further.

Add an impeccable performance mixing a certain predilection for classic, sober and functional cinema, with a skilful resource of the zenith planes and parallel montages, plus an excellent cast in which stands out, in addition to the aforementioned Julia Roberts , a splendid Shea Wigham, and the result is a thriller psychological with a lot of class that already announces a second season. Tim Goodman is right, The Hollywood Reporter, when he states that "let Sam Esmail do what he wants, if it is not a rule of television, it should be."


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