Asunción Mateos will lead Podemos in Guadalajara

The militancy has elected the new provincial Coordination Council of Podemos in Guadalajara, the name given to the party's provincial leadership, and its roadmap to promote political work for 2023.

Asunción Mateos Gámez, who has been the most voted candidate by the bases of the purple formation in the province, is a research professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University, has a double degree in Economics and International Relations and has a master's degree in Financial Institutions and Markets . In addition, she is the regional secretary of Equality and Rural World of Podemos Castilla-La Mancha.

Mateos Gámez thanked "the work of the colleagues, in all spaces, for the work carried out to date" and emphasized "all the effort, enthusiasm and desire that we are going to put into transferring our project to the municipalities, the province of Guadalajara and the whole of Castilla-La Mancha”. He has also valued that "now a new time is opening to continue building and that Podemos is the political force that represents the social majorities, with a vocation for government, to build the future of our province and the region".

The autonomous coordinator of Podemos Castilla-La Mancha, José Luis García Gascón, has begun by thanking the participation of the Podemos militancy in Guadalajara, "in this important democratic day". Gascón has shown his satisfaction with the election of representatives for the Provincial Coordination Council carried out by the Podemos bases in the province of Guadalajara and has highlighted "the youth, personality, curriculum and bright future of Asunción Mateos Gámez", to which the regional leader of Podemos Castilla-La Mancha has congratulated.

The objectives of provincial formation

Podemos has outlined its provincial roadmap for 2023 in the province of Guadalajara. "Through cohesion and teamwork", it directs provincial policies towards the defense of quality in employment, the protection of nature and the environment, the provision and improvement of public services, the construction of a "tangible future" for young people, as well as "achieving real and unmitigated equality between women and men". The purple formation has indicated that "the time is opening to promote the provincial roadmap that we have endowed ourselves with in Guadalajara for 2023 to improve our municipalities, our province and the lives of the people as we are doing in Pioz".

Pioz, “the miracle of Guadalajara”

In this sense, Asunción Mateos has assessed that "the miracle of Guadalajara, which is Pioz, shows that in Podemos we know how to significantly reduce municipal debt without cutting back on social services and implementing equality policies". Mateos has assured that "we will not get tired of praising the work that our colleagues and colleagues are doing in Pioz, with Juan Antonio Pendás at the helm and with Ricardo García, Ana Isabel Guzmán, Andrés Ruiz or Luis Muñoz in the team". “They are our pride and the mirror in which to look at ourselves in the province of Guadalajara”, she concluded.

Balance of regional work

For his part, José Luis García Gascón has taken stock of this legislature, specifically the two-year mandate of his leadership, in which Podemos Castilla-La Mancha, hand in hand with unions, platforms and social organizations, has already presented different initiatives and 10 non-law proposals in the Autonomous Courts to strengthen education and public health, access to housing, social protection policies, the labor rights of public employees, sustainable production and the end of macro-farms, the conventional train and the nursing home model.

These proposals, according to the regional representative of Podemos, "collide with the refusal to modernize the region and advance in the improvement of public services", by Emiliano García Page, who "does not even fulfill his electoral and opposition commitments of 2015 and 2019 to finally put an end to the privatizations and social cuts of the PP legislature of more than 7 years ago”. Gascón has highlighted the importance of Podemos "to improve people's lives, as useful training, which is necessary to increase its representation in institutions in 2023 to be able to enter municipal governments, provincial councils and regional institutions".

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