October 23, 2020

Asturias returns to an “updated” phase 2 to “limit infections” with an incidence of 186 cases

The president of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, announced this Wednesday that the Principality will return to a situation similar to that of phase 2 of the de-escalation for 15 days, but “updated” thanks to “what we know more about the virus” regarding March, with the aim of “limiting infections, the sick and saving lives.” Specifically, Barbón has placed special emphasis on self-confinement, urging the population to “spend as much time as possible in the privacy of the home.”

The new measures established by the Asturian government have more to do with recommendations than with restrictions. In fact, the main limitations of an obligatory nature are for now the prohibition of serving at the bar in the hotel industry, the reduction of capacity in wakes of 15 people and 25 accompanying people and to 25% in common areas of shopping centers, the extension of the limitations of social gatherings for six people to the private sphere, except in the case of cohabitants, and the prohibition of selling alcohol in retail establishments after 10 p.m.

Regarding the recommendations, the main ones have to do with self-confinement and limiting social activity to the bare minimum. In addition, the call for events is delayed and bars and restaurants are urged to prioritize external spaces.

The Minister of Health, Pablo Fernández, reported at a press conference the existence of 24 outbreaks in the region, 18 of them registered in the last week, with 258 active cases. In the balance published this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health, Asturias has reported an incidence of 186.55 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, about 50 points more than a week ago, when it marked an incidence of 131.80. The goal is to drop below an incidence of 100 in these 15 days before winter arrives.

Although the Asturian health authorities are optimistic and hope that these measures will be sufficient to contain the increase in infections, they have not ruled out applying more restrictions in the event that these are insufficient to lower the incidence, which at the moment is one of the lowest of Spain, only above the island communities, Cantabria, Comunitat Valenciana and Galicia. Specifically, reference has been made to the closure of shops, bars and restaurants and it has not been ruled out asking for a state of alarm if the situation requires it.


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