October 24, 2020

Asturias breaks a 20-day streak without contagions when detecting a new case

Asturias has broken a 20-day streak on Wednesday without detecting COVID-19 infections by locating a positive case in the western region, a woman who works in the A Mariña region, in Lugo, where there has been a regrowth.

As stated in a press conference, the President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, is now studying and analyzing the possible level of infections in his personal and family environment and, from there, “will take the measures that have to be taken” .

Barbón has stressed that, despite the fact that Asturias was the only community considered ‘free’ from coronavirus, his government did not want to fall into ‘triumphalism’ given that some fifty outbreaks remain active throughout Spain.

The patient, who has mild symptoms and is being treated at home, works in a town in Lugo and resides in Asturias, where she notified a health center yesterday where the test was performed, according to Health Minister Pablo Fernández.

The Epidemiological Surveillance services are now working with their families and have already contacted the Galician health authorities to inform them of the situation.

“After three weeks without cases there are people who have wanted to convince themselves that the situation was past,” said the counselor after warning that events like this will constitute “the normality of the next six or twelve months” until a vaccine is available .

Barbón has indicated that the affected person should have been treated in one of the peripheral doctor’s offices that are still closed and had to go to a health center that can enable the double circuit to attend to suspected cases of COVID-19 and the rest.

“If he had gone to his usual office, the expansion could have been greater,” he said after asking that security measures be tightened, especially by young people.

Until midnight last Tuesday Asturias accumulated twenty days without registering new infections and the number of positives detected in the region remained at 2,435 of which 337 had died and only five were still hospitalized, four of them in the ICU.


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