Asturias and Galicia prepare a common front against the closure of Alcoa plants | Economy

Asturias and Galicia prepare a common front against the closure of Alcoa plants | Economy

The decision of the aluminum multinational Alcoa to close two plants in Spainto has united to the presidents of Asturias, the socialist Javier Fernandez, and of Galicia, the popular Alberto Núñez Feijoo. The factories affected, located in Aviles and A Coruña, employ almost 700 people and the measure, as Fernandez said this morning, is "dramatic" for the affected areas.

Both regional leaders will meet this Friday in Oviedo at four thirty in the afternoon and have already asked the industry ministers, Reyes Maroto, and Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, another appointment, "to discuss this issue and press to the company to reconsider that decision. "

Alcoa announced on Wednesday its decision to close two of the three factories that it has in Spain, Avilés, with 317 workers, and A Coruña, with 369. The measure does not affect the third factory that has in San Ciprián (Lugo) , where it employs 1,600 people. The company argued that the price of raw materials, energy and technological obsolescence, something that unions attribute to the lack of investments of the firm, have led to this drastic decision.

Fernandez explained that the Alcoa factory in Aviles, has always been very sensitive to the oscillation of electricity prices. In his explanation, the regional president has indirectly confirmed what was revealed by this Friday, which says that since the plant was privatized in 1998, then Inespal, the company had a clause that guaranteed a maximum price of energy until 2012 .

"When I arrived in 2012, the first meeting was with the then president of Alcoa, because that clause had ended. The company has always said that electricity prices were high in Spain, "said Fernandez, who has criticized the company for not having renewed the technology installed in its plant in Aviles:" I think it's a decision made in Pittsburgh, it's a multinational, which like the others, compete in open markets. He did not invest during all these years, that is true. She herself says that there is a certain obsolescence in their facilities. "

Fernandez, questioned by journalists, also pointed out that the King, present in Oviedo for the delivery of the Princess of Asturias awards this Friday, has been interested in the situation. "When I greeted him, the first thing he asked was Alcoa. What was the situation? What happened to the workers? I was aware and worried. He knows that it is a very dramatic decision and of great impact for the whole region of Avilés. Of course, also in Galicia. "


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