Asturias and Galicia agree to "go hand in hand" to reverse Alcoa closures

Asturias and Galicia agree to "go hand in hand" to reverse Alcoa closures

The maximum representatives of the regional governments of Asturias and Galicia today announced the intention to "go hand in hand" jointly to try to reverse the announcement of the closing of the factories of the aluminum multinational Alcoa in Avilés and A Coruña and demand to the central executive a regulatory framework of the price of energy for the coming years.

The Asturian president, Javier Fernández, and the one of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have expressed that position in a meeting in Oviedo to address a coordinated and joint response after the announcement of the directors of Alcoa, one of the largest aluminum producers of the world, to close the two plants of Avilés and A Coruña, which employ 686 workers.

After a half-hour meeting, the Asturian chief executive said that the closure of the two plants will mean a "brutal impact" for the affected workers and for the economies of the two autonomous communities.

In his opinion, the form and substance of this business decision are "inadmissible", given that a question of this importance "should have been negotiated for some time".

Fernandez has asked the central government to set a "stable regulatory framework" for the price of energy to avoid consequences on other large companies with high electricity consumption.

"We will ask him to help the company reconsider its position," said the Asturian chief executive.

Fernandez has assured that it can not be attributed to the administrations that the multinational has not invested in recent years to update its equipment "but to the company" and has announced that next week will be meeting the heads of industry of both communities with the secretary of State of Energy, José Domínguez.

In addition, he indicated that he hopes that next week the presidents of Galicia and Asturias may meet with the ministers of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera.

For his part, Feijóo has insisted on the need to seek a joint solution with the Principality to address a closing announcement that he hopes will be "reversible".

"It is not acceptable that we find out about it in the media", criticized Feijóo, who pointed out that the closing of the factories is "very difficult to understand" and has invited to act "with a sense of responsibility", since Affected workers need "institutions to work together".

He has also urged the central government to design a regulatory framework on the price of electricity for the coming years, considering it a "determining factor".

"Without the complicity of the central government, no solution is possible," the Galician president has said before emphasizing that the multinational should "specify" the causes that led to the decision to close both factories.


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