Associations ask to participate in the catalog of social services

From left to right: the president of the Official College of Social Work of SC de Tenerife, Candelaria Delgado; the Common Deputy, Rafael Yanes; the president of the Social Action Coordinator of the Canary Islands, Emma Colao, and the manager of the Official College of Psychology of SC de Tenerife, Eva Negrón. / ef

The group of associations asks that the catalog respond to the needs of society and the Social Services Law

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Group for the Defense of Social Rights in the Canary Islands has filed a complaint with the Common Council in which
They demand to participate again in the elaboration of the catalog of services and benefits of the Social Services Law.

The group is made up of the Social Work, Social Education and Psychology colleges of the two provinces, as well as the associations Cermi, Acufade and the Social Action Coordinator of the Canary Islands.

After the presentation of the complaint, the deputy of the common, Rafael Yanes, has remembered that
the institution cannot be integrated into this groupbut its essence is the defense of social rights, which is why it is your ally in the demand before the public administration so that it complies with the legislation in favor of the weakest people.

The president of the Social Action Coordinator of the Canary Islands, Emma Colao,
praised the work done by Rafael Yanes in defense of social servicesand explained that this group has been formed because the catalog of benefits does not respond to the needs of society or to the social services law.

Economic resources

Candelaria Delgado, president of the official College of Social Work in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has commented that the catalog project contradicts the law of councils and town councils, since powers that have been exercised for twenty years are taken away, and she added that The text does not reflect reality, but neither does it reflect what the social services of the future should be.

He has also stated that the catalog can be very nice
but it will be "wet paper" if it lacks economic endowment. Delgado has pointed out that the catalog is not only for administrations, but also for associations and entities of a social nature. Words signed by the manager of the College of Psychology of Santa Cruz de Tenerife,
Eva Negronwho has pointed out that after many months of work and vindication
he wants them to have the opinion of the collectives.

The deputy has criticized that
The administration does not comply with the legislation, and after acknowledging that many laws are very beautiful, he stressed that the important thing is that they have resources to make them a reality. Furthermore, he has added that
the social services law will be empty if there is no catalog of services and benefits.

various negotiations

In the complaint presented to the Diputación del Comun, it is requested that the content of the draft decree of the catalog of services and benefits be provided to the social agents involved, and
that there be a meeting "as soon as possible" with the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands and with the Ministry of Social Rights to resume negotiations.

it is requested to resume the specific collective work commissions for each provision and service area, aimed at incorporating proposals for the drafting of a text that responds to the real needs to which the catalog of benefits and services of the public social services system is intended to refer.

They want that
the work resulting from these meetings is binding on the proposed text, "as agreed within the Parliament of the Canary Islands by a majority" of the parliamentary forces.

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