Assets figure below 4,000 for the first time in two weeks

Of the citizens who remain ill in the region, 367 have required hospital admission. From them, 76 remain in intensive care units and 291 recover in the ward. On the other hand, 41,335 patients have been discharged, which is 194 more than the day before. Nonetheless, there have been 660 deaths, three of them in the last 24 hours.

76 ICU patients

Of the 3,956 people who are infected in the Islands, 367 have required hospital admission. Of these, 76 remain in intensive care units.

As reported by Health, Tenerife Last day it added 80 infections with which it accumulates 19,410 since the health crisis began. Of these, 2,075 are still active, which means that 52.4% of those affected by the virus in the Archipelago are concentrated on its surface. In Gran canariaOn the contrary, the number of patients stands at 1,551 –39.2% of the regional total–. The island has a total of 18,951 coronavirus detections, after registering another 102 positive cases in one day.

Lanzarote counted five positive diagnoses and with them the general figure stands at 4,599. However, the tables in progress on the island are 67. FuerteventuraFor its part, it already has 2,012 accumulated cases –with four more than the previous day– and 246 active cases.

3 Deaths in the last day

Since the beginning of the health crisis, 660 deaths have been caused by the virus in the Archipelago. The last three were notified yesterday by Health.

La Palma registered another three infections, so since the beginning of the health crisis it has 457. There are still 16 people infected by SARS-CoV-2. Nevertheless, neither La Gomera nor El Hierro added new active cases last day. Thus, on the first island the accumulated figure remains at 222, with only one active case. In the second, the general count does not vary from 300, being the only insular territory free of coronavirus as it did not have any ongoing table until yesterday.


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